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By Julia Newman
Published: May 05, 2010

Many of our clients are aware our Medical Director, Dr. Gray Newman suffered a stroke on June 6, 2009. The following is a note from his family we wanted to share as an update on his progress and thank you all for the warm gestures of support and well wishes.  Look for his face while you are in the office - he comes in from time to time as he prepares for his return. 
A note from Dr. Newman and his family:
Dr. Newman continues outpatient therapy at St. Mary’s Medical Center and also has the hard work of exercising in the Wellness Center Gym at St. Mary’s three-four times a week. This will help build the strength and endurance he needs to get to his ultimate goal of returning to work! His doctors are very pleased with the incredible progress he has already made.
We contribute the quick reaction of the Lower Southampton Police, the Bensalem Rescue Squad, the incredible emergency room personnel at St. Mary’s Medical Center and his amazing team of the best and brightest doctors in their fields at St. Mary’s Medical Center for saving his life. We also thank his Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists at St. Mary’s Rehab Center, inpatient and outpatient, for their hard work facilitating his recovery �" they are truly gifted, caring, compassionate individuals.

We know Gray’s recovery is just one of many wonderful things that happen at St. Mary’s Medical Center every day. It is not lost on any of us that a statue of St. Francis, the Patron Saint of animals, resides in the lobby!
Please know your many acts of kindness and gestures of good health did NOT go un-noticed. The daily words of encouragement were truly instrumental in Gray’s recovery, as well as a great source of comfort to our family. I think the mailman was happy to see him return home - his mailbag was pretty heavy each day as it approached the office and house with cards and letters! What light it brought Gray to receive kind words every day from all of you. We are forever grateful to the clients, staff, and VCA family for the concern and compassion Gray has been shown. He cannot wait to return to a daily dose of this wonderful place called VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital and be with all of you again!
Thank you from our hearts,

Dr. Gray and Julia Newman and family