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Partners In Saving Our Rescue Cats

-Many Splendid Cats from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Tally

We are a shelter for high-risk cats and Dr. Lindeman has been most helpful and gracious in supporting our work.

The office is very efficient. They always answer the phone and keep you informed about your pet's progress.

We highly recommend VCA Nellis.

Jed Barish
Many Splendid Cats
Rescue, Sanctuary and Adoption Agency
702-595-CATS (2287)

Above and Beyond

-D. Crist from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Lilly and Titan

Dr. Lindaman exceeded my expectations on our very first visit and continues to maintain one of the highest standards of care I have ever witnessed in veterinary medicine. He is wonderful with both of my dogs and treats them with respect and a deep caring that comes naturally to him. When asked about a treatment, Dr. Lindaman is happy to take the time and answer every question I ask. The dogs love him and I have a great deal of respect for him. Whether he's sitting on the floor checking the dogs out or helping my family through a difficult time with the loss of a long-time companion, Dr. Lindaman is an exceptional, caring veterinarian. Thank you Dr. and your wonderful staff.

I am so impressed

-harrison from las vegas, NV
Pet Name: Taz Harrison

I took my sick pup in late, ended up he had parvo, they were all so great to us, we chose "home care" for plenty of TLC. He recovered thank god and VCA, tremendous staff, they called for 3 days in a row to check on my treasured Lasho Apso, I will take all 3 of my dogs there for sure. I couldn't be happier. they stayed after hours to help my pet, that to me is a caring place.

my best friend piggery campbell

-craig campbell from las vegas, NV
Pet Name: piggery

my 12 year old companion got sick, for two long days and nights I stayed with him, we did not have a vet here, since we just came down from montana. i stopped in the hospital to get an appointment and was a wreck emotionally, the staff i met in the lobby was so caring. i made an appointment for that afternoon but cancelled in hopes that my baby would get better. next morning i brought him in and the doctor was the most understanding and caring man, he walked us thru what would happen, and helped us grieve and cry when we let piggery go, which happened in a private room, not a operating room. i would recommend this team of compassionate professionals to anyone who needs to have their pet cared for, thank you from the bottom of my heart craig and jan c

What a fablous veterinarian

-Sherrie D. from Las Vegas, NV


My name is Sherrie Diaz. Dr. Ojeda is my veterinarian and has been for several years. I just wanted to take this opportunity to speak of her in a professional and personal light.

My husband and I have dogs. We don't have the financial means to do all that should be done regarding their care; for example, dental and senior workups, etc. Dr. Ojeda always suggests what should be done to give our pets the ultimate care; but also understands our situation.

I have never before experienced such a caring individual. Dr. Ojeda is absolutely wonderful and gives me advice anytime I need it. She is very knowledgeable; and it certainly shows in her work. She is always prepared and speaks personally about each animal. I realize she has tons of animals she sees; and so even just to be prepared enough when coming in; to know who and what she is dealing with is great. She makes me feel like my business is special; as I am sure she does with everyone.

So I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what an asset Dr. Ojeda is.

Thank you for your time,

I Love this place

-Carolyn Christianson from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Benji

I am fairly new to Vegas so to be able to find a caring Vet office was very important to me. I have a rescue dog that was abused by a man so when Dr. John walked in and talked to me like Benji wasn't in the room, it gave Benji a chance to see neither he or I wasn't in danger. This was the first time he didn't feel the shots and it was a pleasant experience. I'm a widow and Benji is like another son. I will recommend VCA to everyone!

Animal Foundation Rescue

-Shaun Long from Mesquite, NV

We recently adopted a lovely little terrier/pug cross from the Animal Foundation. As part of the adoption you are offered a free wellness check at various VCA locations. I was expecting a basic quick visit, but this truly was a nose to tail, and all spots in-between exam! The Nellis Blvd location was the closest for us coming in from Mesquite, and I am so glad we went there! The staff were amazing! Reception made you feel welcome, the technician took the time to put Sara at ease before even touching her, and was gentle in handling her throughout. Her calm professional approach was appreciated. Dr. Roehr was equally as reassuring and considerate not only of Sara, but myself as well. He too was professional, but again calm and assured in performing the exam. Between the questions he asked, and the information and advice he gave, I felt that he was genuinely interested in providing the best care possible. I have honestly never been so impressed with a veterinary clinic. Again, from walking in the door, to walking out, I felt they were focused on making this 'trip to the vet' as free of stress as possible, and that is important for both owner, and pet. I wish we were staying in the area…this would definitely be my vet!

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Ming now has pearly white teeth

-Victoria Richmont from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Ming

I just wanted to thank Dr. Deanna and her staff for the excellent care of my Shih Tzu, Ming. He needed a dental cleaning and wow! what a dramatic improvement! I was given photos too as part of the service. Also the doctor was very knowledgeable about my baby boy while giving him a free exam. This clinic is very convenient to me and I am very satisfied with the care my best buddy, Ming received. Thanks!!

My 3 Dogs

-Mary Gagan from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Sophie, Jefa, Maddoc

I went to the VCA Nellis because I felt I was being treated as a number by my previous vet. He was a good vet but with the cut backs he had to do, due to the economy, I was being rushed through my visits. I am glad I did. I have been going there approximately 4 years now. My dogs are treated like pampered pets, and the groomer is just great with my hyper poodle. Dr. Roehr cares about each animal. The staff is also great, I think they take memory pills, when I walk in the door, the dog is greeted by name before I am.


-stacey zottar from henderson, NV
Pet Name: mandy

my visit was excellent. love the staff and my vet