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Published: Jan 31, 2012

If you're expecting a child, your pet may need to be prepared for the addition to the family. Your pet may be the center of attention right now, but a newborn will certainly take up a lot of your attention and leave less time to spend with your dog.

Some dogs will adapt to the change better than others, according to The Washington Post. High-maintenance pets and smaller breeds may be more offended by the introduction of a new, equally tiny and adorable member of the family, while larger, more relaxed animals will be less likely to mind.

If your dog has the run of the house, you may want to prepare him for coming changes and train him to stay off of furniture or not to jump into laps, The Humane Society suggests. Getting pets used to baby sounds can help as well, and will help to prevent the dog from barking every time the baby cries. You'll thank yourself later for taking these preventative actions now.

The Post also recommends taking your canine companion to the veterinarian to make sure he is up to date on his dog vaccinations and is free of fleas and parasites.