Naperville Dog Grooming

Get your dog looking and smelling great--pamper them with our professional grooming services! Your dog will be tenderly and professionally groomed to perfection. Please alert our groomers to any special needs your dog may have such as special shampoos or eye care. Please bring any necessary products with you for your grooming appointment. Please call for an appointment in advance. If leaving a message, please include your name, pet's name, breed, preferred dates and times, and your phone number.                                                                                                                                                                                     Grooming Includes:  Professional Shampoo; Hair Cut and Style; Brush Out; Professional Blow Dry; Nail Trimming; Ear Cleaning; Perfume/Cologne; Bandanas and/or Bows                                                                                        Additional Specialty Options:  Blueberry Facial Scrub- gently removes stains without irritating eyes or skin.   FURminator Treatment- drastically reduces shedding by up to 60-80%.  Medicated Shampoos- helps relieve skin from conditions such as allergies, our doctors will determine which shampoo is best for your pet based on his or her skin conditions.  Teeth Brushing; Nail Dremeling; Nail Polishing