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Meathead's Last Stand

Pet Name: Meathead

My dog Meathead a full blooded boxer had not been seen for a day and a half. I went looking for him and found that he had crawled into a crawlspace under the barn. It was obvious that he was not well. He could not get up or walk. I took his doggy bed and crawled under the barn. I pulled him up onto his bed, tied a rope to the bed and the mower and used the mower to pull him out and up to my truck. I loaded him into the truck and drove him to the Animal Care Center. When I met with Dr. Pennington she informed me that it didn't look real good for Meathead. His temperature was 107F and his blood work came back with a platelet count of zero. She explained to me that a platelet count of zero was incompatible with life. She very gently explained to me that he would probably not make it through the night. The following day (Friday) I called and again Dr. Pennington explained that though he was still hanging on it didn't look good. I asked about surgery and she explained that it would probably kill him. He was just too weak. She advised that we continue with the current treatment of antibiotics through an IV. Saturday I called and again poor old Meathead was barely hanging on. I kind-of touched on the subject of euthanasia. Dr. Pennington said that she was keeping him comfortable and advised that we just give it a little more time and see what happens. Sunday I called and spoke to Dr. Pennington. She sounded excited. She told me that Meathead was actually doing better and had started eating. She also told me something that I have never heard of any other veterinarian doing. She told me that at 10:00 pm on Saturday night after taking her kids to a movie, she had stopped by the clinic and worked some more with Meathead. She explained that while working with him late on a Saturday night a thought came to her. She asked herself why she was working on a dog late on a Saturday night that she was certain wouldn't survive. Why she did that even she isn't quite sure but I'm glad she did. On Saturday night Dr. Pennington was able to locate an infection in Meathead's abdominal area. And take necessary steps to alleviate the infection. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Meathead continued to improve. Wednesday evening I took him home. It is still odd to see Meathead sleeping in his favorite spot in the living room after thinking that he would never come home again. I owe it all to Dr. Pennington and the wonderful staff at The Animal Care Center of Mt. Juliet, TN. The crisis was over and I braced myself for the bill. When Dr. Pennington showed me the total I was amazed. All that Dr. Pennington and the staff had done for Meathead and this was all that I owed. I couldn't believe it. Needless to say I highly recommend their services. They are kind, understanding and very good at what they do. Just ask Meathead.

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Gratitude for Being the Best

-Capt Chaos from Nashville, TN
Pet Name: Adelade with Elvis

We at Camp Chaos wouldn't survive without the top-notch vet care & genuine love & concern found at VCA ACC of Mt. Juliet. From the moment we come in the door until we leave, the wonderful staff & vets here put us & our pets at ease, whether it's for a routine check-up or for a serious issue. There are many offices closer to our home in East Nashville, but there are none as qualified, helpful, & friendly or of higher character than our friends in Mt. Juliet. I recommend them without reservation to anyone with a four-legged furbaby.
All good things,
Captain Chaos
aka Sherri M.

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Camp Chaos Loves You

-Capt Chaos from Nashville, TN
Pet Name: Georgie Girl

For regular visits & major trauma or sickness, the fantastic people at VCA never let us down. I enthusiastically & whole-heartedly recommend them without reservation to anyone with a 4-legged child. The genuine concern & professional demeanor of everyone there puts us & our babies at ease everytime we walk in the door. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn't do it without you!
All good things,
Capt Chaos

Saved my Hutson

-Mrs Pyburn from Mt Juliet, TN
Pet Name: Hutson

VCA of Mt Juliet is the BEST! The prices for affordable pet care are here! We at the time had no work and little income. They worked with us and understood. I cannot say enough good things about them. The staff are wonderful! They saved Hutson who was bleeding out and did not stop until she was well again. She just had pups and needed to stay alive, they fought so hard for her and won the battle.

Thank you SO much!


MJAC Saved Our Dog

-Josh Davis from Mt. Juliet, TN
Pet Name: Smokey

I cannot say enough about the caring attitude of everyone at the Mt. Juliet Animal Care Center. We had taken our Beagle/Jack Russell dog, Smokey, to another emergency animal hospital after he was having severe digestive problems. They suggested either putting him to sleep or paying over $5000 for surgery--neither of which we could do. I took him to MJAC and Dr. Mike Harris saw him immediately. Upon examination, he put Smokey on IV meds and monitored his progress over the next several days. He determined that the previous emergency animal hospital has misdiagnosed him and that he had the canine equivalent of appendicitis, performing the surgery late one evening during his nightly rounds. Dr. Mike and the entire staff of MJAC cared so much for Smokey and our family during our stay there that we were overwhelmed! In addition, the price that MJAC charged us was significantly lower than the amount quoted us by the emergency animal hospital. Smokey is now on the road to recovery and back home with his family! Thanks again MJAC!

Comfort For An Old Friend

-J. Downs from Gallatin, TN
Pet Name: Moose

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Mike Harris for a very long time. I adopted a foster pup about 13 years ago. He was a Chocolate Lab who had been abused and left for dead. Though I live in Gallatin, I have traveled to Mt. Juliet just to use Dr. Mike since that time. Two weeks ago, I was faced with making the call that no pet owner ever wants to make. Without hesitation, I knew it had to be Dr. Mike. He came to my home, after cooking for a multitude at church on Wednesday night, and graciously loved on us and sat with us while our beloved "Moose" left this life. He will never know how much he has meant to my family and we would recommend him to anyone, regardless of how far you may have to travel. It will be worth it. Thanks, again, Dr. Mike!

Wonderful first visit

-Karol from Mount Juliet, TN
Pet Name: Phoebe

I apopted Phoebe about a week ago. She is a 5 year old Yorkie. We had our first visit on Friday, February 10, 2012. I love VCA Animal Care Center of Mt Juliet. I have taken all of my precious babies to them over the years. They are always helpful in answering any questions. The staff and doctors are the best!! They made Phoebe's 1st visit very easy and called with the test results from her tests first thing the next day!! I would recommend them anyone!!!!

Saved my Cat

-Aaron from Mount Juliet, TN
Pet Name: Rascal

We were at wits end trying to figure out why our cat, Rascal, could not hold down any food. After finding some help online but still seeing no solutions, we knew we had to see a Vet FAST!

We called some of the other local and big box chains only to get the same "drop off fee" and impersonal messages. We were able to get an appointment with Dr. Hornsby at VCA.

This was a blessing. I cannot recall any other Doctor who was so passionate about his work and someone who really cared for the pets and the owners. Dr. Hornsby diagnosed Rascal's problem and had him back to normal within a day!

Dr. Hornsby and his staff are the BEST!

Just Good People

-Cindy from Mt. Juliet, TN
Pet Name: Ellie, Sugar, and Belle

My family has used Animal Care Center since the mid 80's when Dr. Mike Harris' office was where Billy Goat coffee shop is now located. He and his staff have taken care of ten beloved pets of ours over the years. As times changed, Animal Care Center moved to a new and larger location, and the staff grew and new faces appeared, yet the one consistency has been the dedicated care that our special four-legged family members continued to receive. Add to that is the care these professionals show to the owners of their patients. In times of happiness and when the times are painful, joy and compassion are shared and shown. I'm glad for the long relationship my family and our pets have had with this office. They gained our trust a long time ago.

Thank You

-Erin Cunningham from Mount Juliet, TN
Pet Name: Lexi

Yesterday when my regular vet's office was closed and my 12 year old Min Pin, Lexi began collapsing and not responding normally your staff opened your doors and your hearts to us. In the end some very difficult decisions had to be made and ultimately it was time to let Lexi go. I cannot thank your entire staff enough for the kindness, gentleness, compassion, and understanding you demonstrated to both me and to Lexi. A very special thank you to Dr. Erica Fenton and the Vet tech who cared for us. As I continue to grieve I will be forever grateful to you for everything you did for us yesterday. God Bless you all!