Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Lori Stiggins

    Lori is a part time receptionist at our hospital and has been for many years.  She is a school teacher full time, so you will only get to see her during school holidays and on Saturdays. This was her first job during high school. As she work part time, she has since had experience in several other jobs, such as dorm night clerk, after-school care program, and teaching. Merle is her old man Australian shepherd. He was a stray who came into the clinic years ago. He is beautiful red merle that is about 17 years old. Tripp is the wild man. He is an Aussie, blue with copper points, that is 6 years old. He has lived a charmed life, running through his nine lives like a cat.They both run agility. Hank is her adopted boy. He is an Australian cattle dog mix that was living on the playground of one of the schools where I teach music. He is about 3 years old and spring loaded. When Lori isn't smiling at our front desk or molding the minds of children in the community, she works full-time as a music teacher in Smith County. For fun, she enjoys running agility, kayaking, hiking, and crafts. She also attend Gladeville Baptist Church.

    Lori enjoys mingling with the clients and loving on their pets.