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By Megan Reaves
Published: October 03, 2014

Hi everyone! Thought you might be interested in a CURRENT update on Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike is doing so much better. He is going to the Jimmy Floyd Center every Wednesday for some water rehabilitation. He looks so forward to that and says being in the water makes him feel so normal. His mind is amazingly intact. He is still as sharp as ever -- he's still diagnosing family pet problems at home. His walking is improving everyday. He can also go up and down stairs as long as there is a railing. His arm is improving in strength. They are working hard on his shoulder to get it strong and moving. The order of comeback for that limb is first the shoulder, then the elbow and then the hand. Progress is slow but steady. His mood is very good. He is off all medications except for Warfarin (to keep his blood thin and clot free) and his blood pressure medicine. They are using an integrative medicine neurologist so they are doing some supplementing with coconut oil, turmeric and fish oil. Dr. Mike and Denise are planning on a nearly full recovery and will not give up until they get there. He so appreciates all the cards and well wishes. Denise wishes that she had time to respond to all of them but with their doctors appointments and raising a 13 year old, they don't have time right now. They said: just thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. They have kept every card!