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Thankful in Phoenix

-Lynn from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Harley

I can not say enough about Dr. Walker and his staff at VCA Mountain View Animal Hosptial. They always greet you with a smile and the patient care is exceptional. I would highly recommend this hospital to my friends and family for the care of thier four-legged family members.


-Peggy Allen from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Ollie

The doctors and staff of VCA MTN.View Animal Hospital have always treated my kids-2 mini Schnauzers- like family. I have entrusted their care to people I trust. I receive kindness and thorough treatment for my kiddos. The staff responds to a true emergency and get me in. My youngest mini jumped off so many things when he was a pup but the staff never laugh when I wanted him checked out. They did nickname him-Flying Harley. He is 4 years old now. Dr. Walker, who we see most, knows my boys very well and he looks for answers if there is an odd symptom. I lost a 5 year old Schnauzer when I lived back East to pancreatitis and I am very careful about my dogs' care. I want my kiddos to live a long but quality life. The staff all know my boys and respond to them by name. They also remember little details about their natures to help them handle the kiddos because no animal likes to go to the vet. But the staff helps to ease my boys' nervousness, and my concern every time. If there is a special on regular medications the boys may take, the staff ensures I receive that information. I have given this hospital as a reference and this hospital was the only one who diagnosed my friend's mini Schnauzer with diabetes. Unfortunately my friend had gone elsewhere for a long while before coming to Dr. Walker, finally. It was too late to save the dog's eyesight-the diabetes had gone unchecked. But the good thing is the doggie and the other dog in the family are in good hands and doing well. If the doggies need a specialist for any reason, Dr. Walker is sure to let me know this specialty hospital exists. He does his best with all conditions, but if something extra is needed, he sends me to the best he knows of.
I love the staff and Dr. Wallker. The rest of the vets, I have also seen on occassion, know about my kiddos and are prepared to take over care if Dr. Walker is on vacation.

VCA Mountain View Animal Hospital is GREAT

-Liane Waselus from Phoenix, AZ

We have been taking our various dogs and cats to VCA Mountain View Animal Hospital for almost 6 years now. The first time I took my pets there, I felt an immediate bond with Dr. Walker, as he is kind, funny, and also is a very knowledgable vet. Dr. Walker is a totally down-to-earth guy, never rushes you during appointments and really listens when you talk to him. Everyone in the office is really nice also and there's no "attitude." I feel like all these people are friends.

Recently a new vet, Dr. Dalrymple, joined the practice. A few weeks ago, one of my cats (over 18 years old), was in bad shape and had to be put to sleep. Only Dr. Dalrymple was available, as Dr. Walker was in surgery, and I'd never met Dr. Dalrymple before. He is wonderful also, as he was so kind and sympathetic, taking care of my old cat. At one point, Dr. Walker popped into the room to give me a big hug and a huge dose of sympathy.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Mountain View Animal Hospital to anyone who is looking for really good veterinary care for their pets.

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Best in Phoenix

-Cortney Wilkins from Centerton, AR
Pet Name: Charlie and Wheezy

i lived in Phoenix for 2 years. While there i brought my dog Charlie and ferret Wheezy there. The staff so incredibly caring. They cared for my Charlie and Wheezy as if they were their own pets. I would 100% recommend them to anyone. If one day I return to Phoenix i will not hesitate to bring my pets back to VCA Mountain View Animal Hospital. Love you guys!

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Highly Recommend

-Joyce Baker from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Ike and Tina

I have two Yorkiepoos Ike and Tina. Dr. Walker and his team are so wonderful. I would recommend them if you want a highly skilled, friendly and caring vet. I can't say enough good things about them. We had some bad experiences with other vets so I know how frustrating that can be. You will love this place.

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Friendly Staff

-Gammons Family from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Boozer

VCA was recommended by the humane society when I adopted my puppy, Boozer. The staff has always been friendly to every member of my family, whether two or four legged. Thank you for being so caring.

Love the Staff at VCA Mountain View

-Pat Freeman from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Chelsea

Dr Walker was recommended to me by a friend when I first moved to this side of town. I have been going there for over six years now with my various pets. Dr Walker is caring, very knowledgeable and I have absolute confidence in him. It is also nice to be greeted by a friendly, competent staff as soon as you walk in the door. I have owned pets for many, many years, but I have never met a vet who always puts the welfare of the pet first, no matter how much time it takes or what measures he has to take to ensure the comfort of the pet and the owner. Would not hesitate to recommend this clinic. It is truly first class.

Compassion for a Frightened Dog

-Patricia Vroom from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Kiah

My Australian shepherd/chow mix, 4-year-old Kiah, suffers terribly from sheer terror when she has to go anywhere outside of her comfort zone - and going to the vet is well outside of her comfort zone. Thankfully, Dr. Walker has developed a technique for dealing with her that avoids the trauma. He meets us in my car, where he administers a sedative shot to Kiah, then I wait with her for the ten minutes or so that it takes before she is "out." Then Dr. Walker comes out to the car to carry her into the clinic, where he examines her or gives her her shots, or whatever else she needs. This approach has made all the difference and now Kiah can get regular veterinary care without having the experience the kind of fear that caused her to shake so much that I was afraid that she would have a heart attack. I really appreciate Dr. Walker's kindness and willingness to go the extra mile so that Kiah doesn't have to suffer.


-Carol and Bill Hensell from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Beau, Leo and Angel

We have been going to there for over 25 years, [even before they were ‘VCA’], and have never regretted it at any time. The vets are sensitive, caring and compassionate. Staff is always welcoming, and courteous. Chris (in the back now) has a great sense of humor and when she worked up front always remembered our furry family member’s names! Dr. Walker is an amazing vet [with a great sense of humor] and asked about our other furry members when one was very elderly, even though that wasn’t the furry member we brought in. I have recommended them numerous times over the years to several other folks, and always said they are true animal lovers.

Best staff

-Jean Workman from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Baby and BB

The staff and the doctor are amazing! I moved cross country, and had a family vet that I had gone to for years. I was sad to leave, and scared to find somebody who would care like he did. And let me tell you, this staff and the doctors are Amazing! I felt like family immediately! They truly care about me, and my two dogs... Thank you! Thank you!