• Hospital Manager

    Kimberley Anderson
    School: Military Medical School

    Kimberley came to us from the United Kingdom in January of 2016.  She went to the Military Medical School and graduated in 2012 and she is a member of the British Veterinary Nurse Association with specialty focus on Orthopedic and Emergency medicine.  Kimberley is studying to go to vet school and is happy to and capable of helping us in many parts of the hospital.  She shares her home with a Tonkinese cat, Willow, and Toby the Golden Retriever puppy who is keeping her high on her toes! We are thrilled to have her on our team and she is happy to give our clients and patients all the time and needed care they deserve.  Outside of work, Kimberley enjoys hiking, kayaking, painting and working on behavior training with her puppy, Toby.