• Hospital Manager

    Allison Hill
    School: Glendale Community & Yavapai College, AAS Emergency Management

    Allison Hill, CVT
    Hospital Manager

    I have been with VCA since December 2015, and started my career in Veterinary Medicine in 1995. I took the Arizona Veterinary Board Exam for Certification in 2000 and worked another 13 years as a Certified Veterinary Technician I went back to college for a few years and got my Certification as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher in 2014 and just earned a degree in Emergency Management, from Glendale Community College

    I have 2 dogs, Kada & Ginger, Golden Retriever & Cavalier King Charles mix (respectively) and 1 cat, Charlie. Watch out birds!!!  
    I was born and raised in Phoenix with my older sisters and younger brother. We have all tried to move away, but always end up back here where our home and our family remains. I have a brilliant & talented daughter who makes me so proud in all she does, especially with her natural flair in music and her love of car racing. 

    Family time is my most important interest. Being on the water fishing and camping with friends and family is also a loved sport, while floristry and cross-stitching keep me busy at home. My daughter and I love to travel, especially to places we can bring the dogs!

    In the 20 years of working in veterinary medicine, my work has always been like putting a puzzle together. There are so many different angles to be successful in putting the pieces together, and it can only be achieved by a well-organized and strategic team to get the puzzle finished correctly and efficiently. Serving the community through caring for their pets is my passion and ultimate goal in my career. I have loved every minute of it, and in so many different roles. I know I have found my new work family and plan on working toward a prosperous and flourishing team of highly educated and experienced staff who give their utmost care and experience for each pet who walks through our doors.