• Hospital Manager

    Liz Davidson, R.V.T.

    My passion for veterinary medicine started when I was in high school in San Jose.  I had 4 Siamese cats that shared my bed with a large iguana. Somehow I got another iguana, a boa, and an attack turtle named Gracie. Watch your toes! Soon more iguanas came to live with me. My friends elected for me to start a reptile rescue group. Did I mention that all of the reptiles that were dropped off were sick? I started working at a local VCA hospital to help pay for all of the vet bills. I found that I really loved working as a technician and decided to get my RVT license. Once I graduated from San Jose State, I got married and moved to Concord with my husband. We have 2 children, Gavin and Emma. I began working at VCA Monte Vista as a technician and then was given the opportunity to manage the hospital. I have been with Monte Vista since 2008. Out of all of the hospitals that I have worked for, this hospital is the best!