Best Care Checkup

This is a wonderful SPECIAL PROMOTION to help keep your dog or cat as healthy as possible.  Our Best Care Checkup is specially priced and it includes detailed diagnostics to be sure your pet is receiving all he can at his annual exam.

Full "hands on" Physical Exam with one of our doctors to check eyes, ears, dental health, lungs, heart, internal organs, feet, lumps and anything else that you are concerned about.

Wellness Bloodwork with Urinalysis to check for signs of:  kidney disease, intestinal disease, malnutrition, diabetes, infection, inflammation, anemia, leukemia, low platelet count, addison's disease and urinary tract function as well as a CBC

Fecal Test to check for parasites and Giardia

Heartworm Test to check for heartworm disease

Early detection is truly the best prevention for any disease or parasite.  With the Best Care Checkup you can know that you are providing the best care offered at the best price possible. These bundled tests will keep you informed about your cat or dog's health and wellbeing.