VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Bogart loves VCA!

-Hannah Leben from Chicago,
Pet Name: Bogart

I adopted my first dog, Bogart, back in November of 08. At 9 months old he seemed so calm and relaxed. 2 Days after bringing him home he started slowing down even more. His nose was dripping and he started shivering. I called VCA Misener-Holly Animal Hospital and they got me in that day. We went in and met with Dr. Spieker. She and her staff were so kind, professional and efficient. They all seem to truly love their work.

Bogart was diagnosed with pnemonia. He had 4 different highly anitbiotic resistant bacteria living in his lungs. It was a long road to recovery, but today Bogart is your average crazy 1 year old. Dr. Spieker saved my pup's life and we will forever be grateful. I tell everyone I know how wonderful the VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital has been to us. We will never go anywhere else.

Thank you so much to everyone who was and continues to be so good to Bogart!!

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Our First Visit with Buddha

-Kim and Rob from Chicago, IL
Pet Name: Buddha

We recently adopted a dog from PAWS Chicago and were recommended to a VCA hospital to find out that Misener-Holley was one block from us! We walked over with our new dog Buddha, nervous about his health since she was a stray. The staff were so nice and personal with us and the Dr. made sure we felt comfortable about our new doggie and the next steps. I am so relieved to have excellent care for my dogs (and we will be bringing our older dog soon!) so close to home. Thanks so much!

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Care We Can Count On

-Cindy Serikaku from Chicago, IL
Pet Name: Scamp

I have brought Scamp to VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital ever since I adopted him from PAWS five years ago. Scamp is now 14 and has serious health issues; so it's reassuring to know that quality medical care is close at hand. Scamp has been boarded at VCA Misener-Holley many times over the years--allowing me to travel worry-free, knowing that he is in good hands.

My Dear Friend, Alex

-Marilyn W. Glynn from Morton Grove, IL

Dear Dr. Spieker: Thank-you for your expertise and caring for my dear little friend, Alex. Today was a very difficult day for my husband, son and myself. Our dear Alex had not been himself. It is hard to make a decision about the fate of an animal who has been with you for many years. Dr. Spieker, thank-you for your empathy and helping us with making a decision. It was not easy, but you made the experience more bearable. Please accept my deep appreciation. Sincerely, Marilyn W. Glynn

Fine loving care

-Patty from Evanston, IL
Pet Name: Buddy

My sister's dog, Buddy, had been a a client at Misener-Holley for a few years. My sister had some tragic events and moved to an assisted living situation where pets were not allowed. Before I gave Buddy to a shelter, we boarded him at M-H for a week to be sure the home worked for my sister. It did work. Annette and everyone took Buddy on as a cause and they found him a home. I can't thank you enough. You are very loving people. Thank you!

I LOVE VCA on Devon in Chicago.

-Steve from Chicago, IL
Pet Name: Phoebe

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital on Devon. My most recent experience is with Amy who answered the phone and was very knowledgeable. I was in the process of considering a kitten who had coccidia almost a year ago and she advised me how to handle the situation. I returned the cat to the shelter who told me that they had given her proper care and that she was cured. I asked for proof but they couldn’t get it for me. The Shelter assured me that she had been fully treated and had a negative culture for coccidian but after Amy suggested I bring a stool sample which I did, we discovered the condition was not cured. The team at VCA Hospital Devon came to my aid. They were able to get full record details when the shelter couldn’t give them to me.

Today as it turned out, my little baby kitten (Phoebe) still has coccidia and was never treated for it in addition to Giardia. I was in complete panic mode as I have two other cats who I had already exposed this kitten to. From Amy to the rest of the staff, they calmed me down from a 10 panic to a 1. Dr. Spieker also said it was treatable and how to get rid of it from all the cats in the house with the medicine that she provided and some cleaning tips to help prevent the spread of this.

Dr Spieker was awesome last time I was there helping me through the last stages of my former cats life. I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Spieker.

I don’t want to forget to name Dr. Baldwin either. She helped me with another recent visit to aide my cat Ross who had horrible chronic diarrhea. He gets it when he gets into another brand of food. He has a really sensitive stomach. She helped me with testing and assured me its’ only narrow it down to just a stomach issue.

The Vet Technicians handle all my pets as if they were their own. I love this place and will return because of great individuals like I mentioned in this note.

The receptionists are always helpful and smiling as well. What a great work environment you must have created for everyone to be so happy there. THANK YOU!