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Miracle Mile Animal Clinic

-Jill Turner from Fort Myers, FL
Pet Name: Maggie, Chloe, Clementine

I have taken my animals to Miracle Mile Animal Clinic for over 25 years. The care the animals receive is excellent, the vets as well as the other staff are caring, always available, and truly want what is best for the dogs and cats. My dogs also spend time at the kennel when I travel, enough that it could be considered their second home. They enjoy it there, have activities and things to do, and the staff pampers them and I know they are safe and happy when I cannot be with them. I have no reservations about reccommending Miracle Mile Animal Clinic. They truly care about your pet and this is very important when choosing a veterinary practice.

To The Wonderful Staff At Miracle Mile

-Kim from Fort Myers, FL
Pet Name: Sino

Don and I wanted to take a moment and say "thank you" for the kind and caring service you provided to out beloved Sino and us. You helped us send him to heaven and with the journey pieces of our heart also went. For 12 years he loved us and we loved him. He was the last of our three and it is especially lonely this time with no other doggies home to help us through our days. We will remember him and all the times he made us laugh to tears at some of his antics and just the simple times when he was just 'there'. Synjyn, Sammi and Sino brought us GREAT joy and with that comes great sorrow at their passing. But our 'friends' at Miracle Mile have been there every step of the way, good or bad, and helped our animal friends with such care and kindness. I have actually had Miracle Mile Animal Clinic as my only vets for over 40 years.

Again now that the tears have subsided a bit, I just wanted to let you know how grateful Don and I are for the caring that goes beyond a professional level.


Don and Kim

Loving Care

-Kelli from Cape Coral, FL
Pet Name: Hershey

My new puppy had been seeing Miracle Mile through the pet shop so it was recommended that I continue the care there. It is out of my way but WELL worth it. The time and information provided was the best care I have ever had! I have other pets and have been to other vets locally and never received the time, consideration, and gentle care that was given here. This group of pet lovers do their jobs out of love and it is very obvious. I am moving all my pets immediately. I am so glad I have found a vet that loves my animals as much as I do!!

Dexter's Care

-Christina from Cape Coral, FL
Pet Name: Dexter

If it wasn't for VCA Miracle Mile, we would not have our puppy Dexter still with us. A few days after we brought Dexter home he showed signs of illness. I brought him to VCA and they had to keep him at the hospital for the week.

The Staff and Dr. Parkinson at VCA took such great care of Dexter, helping him regain his health. Our Family is very grateful. Dexter still recognizes everyone at VCA, greets them with a little pee and a huge hug.
Thanks again!

The Morabitos

Pet Image

Love this place

-Lynne from Fort myers, FL
Pet Name: Sox

I really love the care my pets and I get from this vets office. I was grateful when Dr. Wilson took care of both me and my dear Sable when she was sick with cancer. He took the time to explain it to me. He didn't even charge for an update visit right before she passed away on the 17 of December 2006. I'm also grateful for the car that Dr. Parkinson and Ms. Debbie give my current dog, Sox. They just love being with her. I'm glad they also recommended a great dermatologist for my dear dog who has an autoimmune disorder. Thank so much to the entire staff at Miracle Mile Animal clinic. I've gone to you for years, and plan on being there for many more

If Brando could have said goodbye

-Ron from Fort Myers, FL

If only Brando could have said goodbye, He would have said THANK YOU, as I do.
It would have been so hard for him to say farewell, As he loved to come there, as you know so well. He would want you to know he appreciated good care, Especially the love he received while he was there. It wasn't a visit to the health clinic you see, It was going to see friends and a good place to be.
I never had a dog who enjoyed going to see the Vets, When I left him he never looked back with regrets.
It's so sad to see my best friend age and depart, And never will he leave that space in my heart.
Sometimes love is holding on, and sometimes, letting go, He was truly loved and cared for , this much I know.
I will miss my best friend for the rest of my days, And I'm grateful he blessed me in so many ways,

THANK YOU from Brando, my dearest departed friend.


My Charlie

-Michelle Swagart from Fort Myers, FL
Pet Name: Charlie

I just want to thank Dr. Wilson and the staff at Miracle Mile for your compassion when I lost my little Charlie last week. It is so hard when we lose our pets - we love them so much. All of the care, compassion, and support shown by all of you is very much appreciated at such a hard time. My little Charlie is happy and healthy now and playing with his buddy Abe. Also, I received the Paw Print you made of Charlie, and while I cried when I received it, I think it is a lovely way to remember our pets and a GREAT idea on your part. Thanks again for your kindness.


-Kathryn Taylor from Fort Myers, FL
Pet Name: Maggie

A huge thank you for all the compassion shown to me, my husband, and most of all our precious Maggie, who shared her love with us for 18 years. I just know there are animals in heaven, and she's right up front! Everyone in your practice shows the utmost caring and professionalism. Thank you again for helping us through this sad, sad time.

Excellence and Great Big Hearts

-Kristen from Fort Myers, FL
Pet Name: Buddy

My Yellow Lab Buddy is fun loving and always into something! In the very recent past he was into the TRASH and he grabbed and swallowed a big piece of gauze/plastic stuff with hamburger on it without me even seeing him. Two days later he was not feeling well, threw up and I saw blood! We rushed in to the very capable hands of Dr Bradley at Miracle Mile. She examined him thoroughly and with an X-ray could see he needed emergent surgery. The my removed the gauzy stuff and he recovered completely. Everyone in this office (including the man who carried my 65 pound lab to the car afterwards and the office manager Shelly who was there for the entire thing and checked in with me tirelessly, due to my worry) showed so much compassion and concern for him and my family, we will never forget it! Thank You Super Staff!

Pet Image

The word Miracle truly defines this place

-Daniele And Bentley from Fort Myers, FL
Pet Name: Bentley

I have to two year old Flat-Coated Retriever named Bentley. He seemed to be sick so I took him to the ER, the Dr/staff there were completely unpleasant and didn't tell me much but to purchase all these medicines and procedures. Needless to say Bentley was still not feeling well. I called around to 5 different Vets all had a $65 visit fee to start off with except for Miracle Mile! The office visit was completely free and had such nice staff. Really made you feel comfortable in a sad time. The Dr. was so professional, made you feel calm, the nicest, down to earth person. He was very educational and talked to me step by step through the whole process. I will return to this Vet and would recommend anyone to go there.

Thank you again Miracle Mile! A job well done :)