VCA Miller-Robertson Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Samantha Ciulla, Receptionist VCA

-Ro.,Ink from West Hollywood, CA
Pet Name: Bouncer and Baron

Samantha Ciulla is a major factor that convinced me that VCA Miller-Robertson Animal Hospital
is a special really unique animal care facility. When I brought my Bichon Frise puppy Baron in the first day I was astonished how Samantha held him and talked to him and cuddled him for a good half-hour. She was wonderful because I could not have enough hands with my 7 year-old Bouncer who lives up to his name bouncing all around the waiting area. Samantha saw I was frantic what with the new puppy and my older Bichon she took full control. And because of Samantha I keep returning. Dr. Lisa Lomond is a cut above any Vet that I've ever experienced as these are my 7th and 8th Bichons. I recommend VCA because of the humanistic approach, dogs and cats are treated like VIP's at VCA. Kudos to Samantha she is an exemplary employee and makes all the difference when you enter the facility you feel you are safe and sound.

This Place Makes Me Smile.

-Doug Church from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Stormy

Miller-Robertson Animal Hospital makes me smile.
I took them a sick cat. And I left with a well cat.
This hospital brought my pet's smile back.
And that brought this animal lover's smile back.

I met two of their Doctors and they made me smile.

Dr. Willoughby is pure passion, he just doesn't show it. For this man, passion is finding an illness and correcting it, fast. His 200% seriousness reminds me what serious does. It cures sick animals. I think, I relax and I smile.

Dr. Chen's is gentle. She is the lull before the storm. She is a lullaby. When you see her gentleness with your pet, you can't help but smile.

If you have a sick pet that has lost it's smile,
take that poor pet to Willoughby & Chen. In short
order, you will come out with a huge SMILE.


We love VCA Miller

-Andrew Velazquez from West Hollywood, CA
Pet Name: Phoebo and Tripper


My name is Andrew Velazquez. I used to work down the street from VCA Miller on Robertson Blvd, and I used to help your Manager Wain Fishcler, and that is how I discovered your Hospital. Me and my partner were thinking about getting a Rat Terrier, and so I emailed VCA Miller Robertson and received an immediate and friendly response! I was so pleased with how fast Wain answered my questions, and could not wait to bring in our new puppy! Needless to say we took our new baby Phoebo to VCA Miller Robertson and we are always so impressed with how nice, knowledgable and professional that staff is. I know this is a reflection of their manager Wain. She is compassionate, caring and truly is an inspiration to me and my partner to the point where we wanted to help and rescued an amazing Chihuahua Terrier who we named Tripper. We love Wain and VCA Miller Robertson and will continue to take our dogs there and always refer friends and family as well. Please let the staff know how much we appreciate people like them and we are grateful to have them in our lives!


Dr. Willoughby is a life saver

-Emily Power from Rolling HIlls Estates, CA
Pet Name: Lollie

I can not express my gratitude for Dr. Willoughby and his expertise. We had been seeing another vet who due to mistake, after awful mistake recommended we put our precious Bichon to sleep. It was truly one of the worst days of my life. Thanks to Dr. Willoughby our Bichon is thriving. We are so lucky we found him when we did and could not believe his knowledge and amazing ability to fix a dislocated hip when it had been a near impossible feat for other vets. We are so grateful we found him when we did and will be forever thankful for his superior skills. I can promise you will be so thankful you chose Dr. Willoughby.