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The loss of my best friend Bandit

-Mark Reichwein from Hilliard, OH
Pet Name: Bandit Von Batty

On 3-26-11 I put my beloved dog Bandit down at your hospital. It was so traumatic for me and I wanted to say how nice Randy and the 2 vet techs that helped were (I forget their names). When I picked up Bandit's ashes today it was so nice to read the cards you sent - it made me cry. I love the pin and her paw print! In my time of grief you all really helped me get through it and I could feel you grieve with me. Thank you so much.

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Dr. Beckett and Staff

-Phil from Hilliard, OH
Pet Name: Rupert

Dr. Beckett and the entire team seem to genuinely care for my 6.5 year old Bull mastiff named Rupert. Rupert is a timid guy, but the staff treats him with the care and attention he needs. Other friends and family are amazed when I tell them how above and beyond Dr. Beckett and the staff go in their loving care of my prized possession weighing in @ 130 with plenty of drool to go along with his size. I joke that my dog gets better medical care than I do. Sincerely, Phil and Rupert

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-Chelsea from Columbus, OH
Pet Name: Gatsby

Dr. Deal has been there for us since day one. She treated Gatsby for routine checkups until we found out he had lymphoma. She helped me make payment plans so I could pay for chemotherapy when I had no income and that gave me more than 6 months with him that I thought I wouldn't have, unfortunately the cancer just hit him too hard and he was done fighting.. He went out of remission and on his 5th birthday we had to put him down. :'( The whole staff loved him and I could really tell that. He had a lot of friends there and they really treated him great. Thank you all so much for everything you've done for us I'll never forget the love everyone there showed for Gatsby and how much Dr. Deal did for us.

They saved me when no one would help my Mom

-Sr Stryker Borsick from Columbus, OH

Hello I am Sr Stryker, and for the last 2 1/2 days I have worried my Mom sick. I started passing blood in my urine and the emergency room visit was too expensive. I made it through the night to have all the Vets my Mom called say We do not have any appointments till ?? (days later)... On the third day another Vet referred my Mom to VCA in Hillard, Ohio they said bring him in and we will work out a payment plan. See the problem was that my Mom did not get paid till Friday and no other Vet would work with her, they wanted payment in full before even looking at me. If it was not for the loving and supportive staff at VCA Animal Hospital my Mom would have lost me..... I LOVE YOU ALL that helped my Mom get me back on my paws, she would have been just devastated if she lost me...(typed by my Mom Anna Borsick)

My Best Friend

-Margie Stitt from Columbus, OH
Pet Name: Gus

On June 1st I had to say good-by to my little "Noah". It was a very traumatic experience for me losing my best little friend. I rescued Noah when he was only 10 weeks old. I went to work one weekend at the hospital and he was sitting on a dirt pile just waiting for me. I took him home and he was with me for 11 wonderful years. He was the most loving little boy I've ever had. I just want to thank Dr's Beckett, Lenhart, and Jake Ryan and the rest of the staff for the wonderful loving care they gave to me and Noah. I loved the paw prints and the awesome card! I will be calling for an appointment in about 6 weeks. I'm taking a baby and will want him to meet the Dr's and the staff. His name will be "Gus". Noah would want me to love another unfortunate little boy.

Glad I trusted my gut

-Char from Columbus, OH
Pet Name: Big Boy

On the evening of Friday, December 14, I took my Big Boy to another Emergency Hospital.

He is only 2 y/o or so. He was very sick. I left him overnight so they could do some testing. On Saturday they informed me that putting him down was the best thing to do.

I picked him up and immediately took him to VCA. While Dr. Lenhart and I were discussing our options, they gave Big Boy some canned food. He devoured it, which gave me hope.

Thank God I decided to bring Big Boy home to manage his mysterious illness. Look at him now! He is back to his usual self. Eating, drinking and most importantly, canoodling with his favorite gal pal.

I hope Dr. Lenhart has an opportunity to see this. I appreciate that he supported me in my decision. I shudder to think that I could have made a too soon fatal decision for Big Boy.

He may not have a long life, however, he is happy and enjoying his life for now. He is such a joy and I am thankful he is home where he should be.

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Miss My buddy

-Mike Hilton from Columbus, OH
Pet Name: Mike Hilton

It was a sad day for my wife and I, as we had to make that difficult choice to have our family member Murphy put to rest. I want to let it be known that Dr. Todd Beckett showed the a great part of humanity that day I wish was all over the world. His tremendous compassion he show us helped in the healing process we are going through now. Thank you Doc. and the assistant (sorry forgot name), and as always you remain our pets choice of care!
Murphy: Oct. 31, 1998 - Jan. 8, 2013

Ryder - The Corn Cob Dog

-Kimberly Cowan from Hilliard, OH
Pet Name: Ryder

Where to I begin. Ryder got to a point where he wouldn't eat and he couldn't hold down water. I just moved to Hilliard and I work just across the street from this VCA Hospital all the employees that would come into my work were always so friendly so when I realized I had to take Ryder to a vet I knew just where to go. That only a fraction on how unbelievably incredible these people are. Ryder was with them for 3 - 4 days or so. They did several X-Rays to figure out what it was that was wrong with Ryder but at first he was so severely dehydrated that they couldn't see what it was. So Ryder had to be rehydrated before the could take a second look. They found the corn cob! So Ryder had to have surgery there was no possible way he could pass it. This corn cob tore him up from the inside. Dr. Andrea Jensen is amazing as well as Tess and the rest of the staff. Andrea and her staff were so worried about Ryder that since they don't offer overnight care she came in late one night just to check on him. Not so sure how many Veterinarians would do the same. I am forever grateful for Andrea and the entire staff a VCA Mill Run for going above and beyond for my dog. Ryder is now home and everything is going great. I think he will have a speedy recovery!

Amazing Care from Dr. Jensen

-J Beam from Columbus, OH
Pet Name: Jack Frost

Words cannot accurately express the gratitude my family has for Dr. Jensen and her staff. We had to make the agonizing decision to put our much loved dog, Jack Frost, down - due to a fast moving cancer. Dr. Jensen and her staff took wonderful care of both Jack and our family during the whole process, making sure to answer all of our questions and address any concerns with compassion and understanding. She allowed us plenty of time with Jack before the procedure took place, even though the office was officially closed. Never once did we feel rushed or judged for our decision. We also want to thank VCA Mill Run Animal Hospital as a whole for getting us in for a last minute appointment. We actually called our usual vet, and they couldn't "fit us in". I called VCA and, even though they were closing in an hour, didn't bat an eye and squeezed us in right away. We now have a new vet for life! My family thanks you all for providing the best possible service during this difficult time.