Client Services

  • Client Service Manager

    Tamara S.
    School: Mass Bay and Bunker Hill Community Colleges

    Tamara has been with Metro Cat for many years. She started off as a receptionist, and excelled so much that she was promoted to our Client Service Manager. She previously worked at a large human hospital in Boston before joining our team. Tamara is an essential member of the Metro Cat Hospital team with a wealth of feline knowledge. (As any one who has ever met her can attest to!) As a Supervisor she is responsible for implementing new ideas and projects focused on continued improvement of services for our clients and our patients. Tamara lives locally with her two (wonderful) children and her two (adorable) cats.

  • Client Service

    Dumbledore Kaplan

    Dumbledore is not only Dr. Kaplan's cat, he is also a twice certified Pet Pal, and has just received his third certification! Dumbledore's job has been to travel once a week to a local rehab center with one of our techs to visit with patients. He has been a very popular visitor and a source of great comfort for many residents. Dumbledore has been semi-retired for a few years due to the elimination of the recreation department in the rehab center with whom we used to work. We are about to put him back to work with Pet Pals, though, and he will visit two neighborhood rehab centers and residences once he gets started. We have a number of employees who are eager to join him on his visits, and Metro Cat Hospital and VCA are happy to donate the staff time to make this possible. Dumbledore was officially re-certified as of 12-05-2011, by a well-known and respected Animal Behaviorist who works with a Boston Animal Shelter. He had to pass a series of tests to ensure that he could handle poking, prodding, tugging or loud noises that might occur during some of his visits with patients. The certifying Behaviorist also had to make sure that an occasional dog trotting past him or barking in the hallway wouldn't get him upset. He has once again passed the tests with flying colors! The staff who will accompany him (called "handlers") also had to fill out applications and meet requirements before participating in the Pet Pal program. Involved staff took Dumbledore for his re-certification and will be attending a two hour training session prior to taking him for a visit the first time. We are all very excited to work with Pet Pals again!

  • Client Service

    Catherine N.
    School: Quincy College

    Cathy is part of the original Metro Cat Hospital Team dating back to when it first opened 20 years ago! She attended Quincy College of Massachusetts in the early 1980's. Cathy starting working in Client Service at a small cat hosptial in the late 1980's, then joined Metro Cat Hospital in 1991. She is a valued long-term member of our Client Service team!