Cat Boarding

Be sure to book your cat's comfortable, safe boarding with VCA Metro Cat. Our boarding area has a full-time employee dedicated to your cat's needs every day!

VCA Metro Cat provides each cat with a blanket or bed to help them feel right at home. We offer a complimentary prescription diets that is easy on the digestive system, but feel free to bring your own food! Your pet's comfort and a stress-free stay is our main goal!

The cats are played with several times daily and are allowed to roam around or relax in an enclosed room for exercise or mischief! You may also request a nail trim or medical exam while your pet is being boarded.

Your pet's health should be your last concern while on vacation. We will even try to accomodate your pet's medical or dental needs around your pet's stay with us as an extra convenience to you.

Because VCA Metro Cat is a veterinary hospital first, we are capable of responding quickly to any medical need of your pet. Our experienced staff can also safely and reliably administer any medication that is needed. Our doctors are on-call for any after-hour concerns as well.

Contact Us Today at 617-566-7297 or at [email protected]