VCA Met Vet West Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Words are Not Enough

-Cheryl Fascetti from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: OTIS

There are no words to thank all those that helped a member of our family. Unsure of what was wrong with Otis, Dr Carr and the loving staff at Met Vet took the time to pin point the problem. Without Dr Carr, I am not sure Otis would be his ornery self today. Not only did she and the staff help him, they helped our entire family because without Otis, we would be void of the joy he brings to our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Thank You Met Vet, Dr. Lettich, and Staff

-Laura and Mike from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Maverick

We thought we were doing a good thing by "rescuing" a puppy from Craigslist and we fell in love with Maverick immediately. We had been told by our "rescuer" that he had all of his shots and was in good health, however within a few days of having him, could tell that something was wrong. We took him to Met Vet on McNeilly Rd. and they told us that he had Parvo, which is deadly to puppies. We went ahead with putting him in the hospital and Dr. Lettich and the staff at both the McNeilly and Campbell's Run location treated him as one of their own and he was eventually able to pull through!! Without their care and dedication to our little puppy, we would have lost him. We couldn't be more grateful or appreciative. Thank you Dr. Lettich and team!!!


-Patricia Laepple from PITTSBURGH, PA
Pet Name: Rocky

I brought my Rocky to the Robinson office, in very bad shape, I knew I wasn't leaving with my baby boy, and I in turn was in very bad shape, they were so understanding and caring! They called and left voice messages to see if I was ok, and a condolence card came in the mail. Thank you for taking care of my Rocky till the end. I brought him home today, very happy he's finally home with me!

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Compassionate, Quality Care

-Rich and Robin from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Boo Boo

We brought BooBoo our cat to the hospital in Robinson. The staff took her in straight away. From the receptionist, who was busy, took the immediate time for the emergency to Dr. Kelly, the vet on duty and the vet assistants, gave us quality care, understanding, respect and time we needed to say our goodbyes. We are grateful for your hospitality and helping us through a difficult time.