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Published: May 18, 2011

Some pet owners out there believe that if they need a coat to venture outside, so does their pooch. Many individuals find this to be absurd, but there may be some instances where a dog may need some protective clothing. A veterinarian recently shared her thoughts about the issue of pet clothing with the Seattle Times.

There are several species of dogs that do not need coats because their fur coats can keep them warm. In addition, they have a layer of fat for insulation. Therefore, it is not necessary to put a coat or sweater on dogs with thick coats, such as Gold Retrievers or Huskies, it will not improve their pet health. Some pooches such as Chihuahuas and Great Danes, however, do not have that much fur, so it could help in extremely cold conditions, Dr. Sheryl McDevitt explains to the news source.

The veterinarian adds that raincoats are not needed because pooches are seemingly completely unaware of rain. What keeps a pet warm is the amount of fat they have on them. However, now that 45 percent of dogs are considered obese, according to the ASPCA, overheating is becoming more of an issue than a furry friend being too cold.