VCA Mesa Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Susan from Adelanto, CO

My Shih Tzu Thelma found a way out of the gate one night. We search for her for 1 week. Thank God we found her. She was in bad condition. I immediately took her to Victorville Mesa Vet. Upon arrival, the staff was very attentive to her and to me. Dr. Pierce examined her and said that she had maggots in her eye and he needed to see how far they got. Again, thank God they didn't make their way to her brain. Dr. Pierce fixed her up and now she is the Alpha dog to her sister and brother. Thanks again Victorville Mesa Vet Staff.

Roxie, Amos and Stink, Buster

-Judy Busch from Victorville, CA
Pet Name: Buster

We've been using this office forever, I tried others but Mesa is the best. We lost all of our friends in one year. They were old Amos was 17, Stink our Persian cat was 14, our beloved Roxie was over 10, old for a Mastiff. The Doctors at this facility are wonderful compassionate care givers. We now have a pound dog, Buster, and he also visits this office. When we brought him home his appointment for a check up was immediate. He had a ear infection, cat tail stuck down in his ear, and kennel cough. He's now a very active terrier mix. All of our animals have been to the grooming and boarding center and they are happy to go. Highly suggest anyone with a beloved pet use this hospital. Too bad human doctors don't give the same time and care to us.

Thank you

-Judy from Victorville, CA
Pet Name: Bunny

At the end of February, I decided to have my cat's teeth cleaned. Dr. Pierce found a tumor in her abdomen. He took it out and discovered it was cancerous. We were immediately referred to an oncoloist who expressed surprise that he even found it. We are now in treatment. I don't know the outcome, but I'm eternally grateful to Dr. Pierce.

Pet Image

Saying Goodbye

-Tonya F. Ayers-MacDonald from Victorville, CA
Pet Name: Buddy

I just wanted to extend a heartfelt "Thank you" to all the staff at VCA Mesa animal hospital here in Victorville. I have been taking my dogs to VCA Mesa for many years now and have always been so pleased with the care and compassion my animals have received. During my relationship with the Victorville clinic sadly, I have lost 3 of my "sweet friends" first Mr. Jingles my 1 year Chihuahua, Dumpling my 17 year old Dachshund, and just yesterday Buddy my sweet 15 year old Chihuahua. Dr. Gonzales treated Buddy 3 weeks ago but his condition worsens and it became apparent that little Buddy needed to be put to sleep. I have always loved the care my pets have received from the "Vets" @ VCA Mesa but I was so moved by the genuine care, concern, and love that Dr. Gonzales showed my little Buddy he allowed us to spend all the time I needed to say goodbye and he even hugged and kissed Buddy on his little head. I felt at peace with the decision I made for Buddy and knew it was the right one! I also wanted to extend a special thank you to Rose I just wanted to say to you as well you are so kind and wonderful at what you do!! I have cried so many tears in your clinic but you have always given me your shoulder to cry on thank you for all these years of support !!!