VCA CareClub®

Convenient, affordable, preventive nose-to-tail care.

Pets age much faster than we do. So even if your pet seems healthy, diseases and health problems could be lurking undetected. Early detection can improve your pet’s quality of life and help add more healthy years. VCA CareClub® helps ensure your pet gets the health care he or she needs all year.

Membership includes:

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • 5 visits to VCA each year
  • Doctor-recommended vaccines
  • Prevention and early detection tests for serious diseases
  • Routine dental care for your pet
  • Peace of mind knowing you are doing the best for your pet

To enroll in VCA CareClub®, call us at 760-245-0109 or request an appointment today.

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Choose from one of these plans specifically designed for your needs:

VCA CareClub® Screening Tests:

Lifestage appropriate screening and blood tests are included in VCA CareClub Adult and Senior Plans.
  • - Screen your pet for developing problems that can be treated before becoming serious
  • - Rule out underlying kidney or liver problems before giving your pet certain medications
  • - Establish a baseline picture of what represents “good health values” for your individual pet

A complete blood cell count (CBC) provides important information and helps detect anemia, infection, chronic inflammation or other diseases. A Blood Chemistry Profile is essential for determining organ function, electrolytes, and blood sugar. Screening tests also include urinalysis and a fecal exam to check for parasites.

Dental Evaluation & Cleaning:

VCA CareClub Adult and Senior Paws Plus plans include the following dental services:
  • - Thorough examination of all teeth under anesthesia
  • - Cleaning above and below the gum line
  • - Teeth polishing
  • - Anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring
  • - IV catheter and fluids
  • - Plus dental exam on any additional visits

Dental disease affects up to 80% of pets over the age of three, and just like in humans, there can be serious consequences of poor dental health.

A comprehensive and affordable pet health care solution for pet owners (and their pets!)

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VCA CareClub® is available at participating hospitals. Please contact us to sign up for VCA CareClub® and for more program details.

*VCA CareClub® Wellness Plans are preventive pet healthcare plans and are not insurance plans. VCA CareClub® Wellness Plans do not cover any services which are not specifically identified in the VCA CareClub® Wellness Plan purchased. © 2017 VCA Inc., VCA CareClub is a registered trademark of VCA Inc.