Our Hospital

We welcome you to VCA Mesa where we care about you and your pet, and will help you take the best possible care of your loveable companion. Our doctors, Dr. Kelly Moffat and Dr. Lindsay Danner, are knowledgeable and skilled veterinarians who are kind and compassionate individuals. Along with our friendly front office staff and well trained patient care team, we will provide exceptional service to you and your pet.

Located just north of Downtown Mesa, on the northwest corner of Country Club Dr. and 9th St. south of Brown Rd. on the east side of Country Club Dr. (2.5 miles south of Red Mountain Freeway), VCA Mesa Animal Hospital is a friendly, comfortable, medically advanced AAHA accredited veterinary hospital. Our caring and skilled veterinarians provide well pet and sick pet services, for puppies & kittens, adult dogs & cats, and senior pets. Our services include physical exams, vaccines, including weekly Preventative Care Vaccine Clinics; spay, neuter, and pet dental care; surgeries, digital x-ray, and laser therapy. Behavioral counseling is also available with our board certified Behaviorist. We carry Hill's Science & Prescription Diets, Royal Canin therapeutic pet food, and a variety of treats.

Ask us about our Care Club, a new wellness program that allows us to provide your pets the yearly wellness care they need by offering you monthly payment options.

Services - VCA Wellness Programs: Allow early detection of disease and help reduce your pet’s health risks throughout his or her life.

- Diagnostic and therapeutic services: For your pets’ complete health-care needs.

- Diagnostic imaging: On-site X-ray service provides high-quality radiographs essential for identifying problems that cannot be found by a physical examination.

- Laser Therapy: On-site Cold Laser service for light therapy to manage painful conditions such as chronic osteoarthritis, acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries, along with many dermatological disorders.

-Behavioral Counseling: On-site behavioral consultations are available with our board certified behaviorist, Dr. Moffat.

- Laboratory: In-house laboratory for serum chemistry and hematology for more urgent cases; we also utilize a commercial veterinary laboratory for routine and specialized diagnostics and consultations.

- Pharmacy: A complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, canine and feline heartworm preventatives, prescription diets, vitamins and shampoos.

- Surgery/Dentistry: We are fully equipped to provide routine spaying and neutering, soft tissue surgery, dental evaluations and cleaning. We also provide dental X-rays to thoroughly evaluate crowns and roots of any problem teeth.

- Pain management: Pain can accompany illness, injury, surgery, or chronic condition. Effective pain control is a vital part of caring for your pet and ensuring their comfort, quick recovery, and quality of life.