Veterinary Support

  • Registered Veterinary Technician

    Melissa Matheson

    2011-Present Pets: "Trane" a Pitbull Hobbies/Interests: cooking, hiking, going to the beach

  • Registered Veterinary Technician

    Kathy Puhl
    Veterinary Tech School: Los Angeles Pierce College

    August 1996-Present Pets: Lovely Lola, Sweetheart Cherry, Bodacious Beau, and I want to fly like the birds Cubby Hobbies/Interests: Investments

  • Registered Veterinary Technician

    Kewan Williams

    September 2005-Present

  • Technician

    Paolo Ayala

    September 2002-Present Pets: "Lefty" the Boxer, "Bruno" the German Shepard Hobbies/Interests: watching sports, playing softball, poker, working out, watching movies, traveling

  • Technician

    Omar Barajas

    September 2009-Present Pets: "Onyx" a Rottweiler Hobbies/Interests: basketball, hanging out with my son

  • Technician

    Diana Morataya

    November 2007-Present

    Pets: Dogs- Mindy, Pudding & Sofia Cats- Guiseppe & Candy

    Hobbies/Interests: Going to the gym and making smoothies

  • Technician

    Randi Peterson

    January 2012-Present Pets: "Gracie Mae" the Great Dane, and 3 cats "Bonkers", "Cheeto" and "Booger" Hobbies/Interests: crocheting, quilting, camping at the beach

  • Technician

    Rosa Rodriguez

  • Technician

    Jose Ruiz

    Pets: Rio, Scorpio and Taquito

    Hobbies/ Interests: Hiking and basketball

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Jessica Farid

    September 2011 - Present

    Pets: Simba, Pikachu, Kouu & Timmy

    Hobbies/ Interests: Fishing, Dancing, Hiking and Star Gazing

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Denise Tapia
    Veterinary Tech School: Pierce college

  • Doctor Assistant

    Diana Alcantar

  • Doctor Assistant

    Monica Figueroa

  • Doctor Assistant

    Denise Wake

    April 2014 - Present

    Pets: Kuma (dog), Pinky (rat), Brain (rat)

    Hobbies/ Interests: Reading, arts/crafts, and basketball