VCA Manito Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Look No Further

-Stephanie Curran from Spokane, WA
Pet Name: Clancy

If you are a kitty mom or dad, look no further than Dr. Cathey at Manito Vet. Last year she helped me save my beloved Clancy's life by offering sound and realistic guidance along with valid research through her contacts at WSU. Clancy is alive and thriving at 14 and just this week caught his first bird in many years after I told him he was cancer free! After his diagnosis last year, I was afraid to bring him in for a check up this year and Dr. Cathey called me to check in (my own doctor doesn't do that!!!) Thanks to her call, we discovered Clancy has a thyroid problem that can be treated with medication. If she hadn't called, he would have gone untreated unnecessarily. Dr. Cathey is the kitty whisperer and all kitties deserve an advocate like her.

The BEST place for your pets care

-EJ Batchelder from Spokane, WA
Pet Name: Jackson Blue and KoKo Bean

My family has been taking our animals (dogs and cats) to VCA Manito for many years. They have seen us through the good times to the heartbreaking bad times. Through it all they are the ultimate experts: knowledgeable, professional, empathetic and caring. They treat our animals as they would their own. One of our dogs, our beloved Luka, had congenital heart disease, and his doctors really went above and beyond to research and learn more about the best way to fight his condition. Through smart medicine (that changed as his needs changed) and diligent follow up, I am convinced they extended his life by at least a year. And it was a good year. He was relatively healthy, very happy, and in good physical shape right up until the end. What a gift. They have an amazing staff of doctors, techs and front desk people. They always treat us so well and with great care. Special note to Dr. Purvis - she has gone above and beyond too many times to count.