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Published: Jun 08, 2012

Many owners may purchase a dog with the intent of breeding it, especially if they have formed a special bond with the animal. Unfortunately, breeding dogs carries with it numerous problems that an owner needs to bear in mind before they decide to do it. In the end, a better decision is to spay your dog and consider adoption if you want a new puppy.

There are several considerations owners must take into account before breeding dogs. The first is simply that dogs are overpopulated in the United States. Millions of animals are put into shelters each year, and many of these are puppies who can't find a home after they're born. Pet owners with breeding in mind may envision having one, two or even three puppies, but litters can consist of more than twelve puppies.

Thus, successfully breeding dogs means finding a home for all of these animals - keeping in mind that the people you give them to may not end up keeping the puppy themselves. Bringing multiple dogs into the world with the intent of keeping just one is likely to contribute to our current pet overpopulation problem, so consider this carefully.

In addition, it's important for owners to note their puppies may not end up exactly like their parent. Some traits are genetic and passed down, but the animal will also be shaped by its experiences. It may also receive undesirable genetic traits, like aggression, that weren't present in the previous dog. Assuming the puppy will be just like the previous dog is simply incorrect - it's just as likely the animal will be entirely different.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, five to ten million pets are euthanized each year due to overpopulation, and excessive dog breeding plays a major role in this. If you want another dog once your current one has passed away, visit your local animal shelter. It likely will not be difficult to find a new dog with the traits you desire in a companion.

VCA also recommends dog neutering or spaying all animals to prevent unintended breeding. Dog spaying helps combat overpopulation and can also reduce the negative effects of living with dogs in heat.