VCA Mainland Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Wonderful care on my Beloved Dog that passed away.

-Teresa Smoot from League City, TX
Pet Name: Pacer

Over the years I've never had such wonderful and thoughtful care over the ashes of a beloved pet before as I have just had with VCA. My Golden Retriever died in my arms on Good Friday April 22, 2011 and the VCA Mainland Hospital went above and beyond any kindness I expected in a time like this. When my dogs ashes was returned to me they were in this beautiful "Treasure Box" then down inside a blue cloth bag with his name embroidery on the outside of it. It was so surprisingly kind I just cried like a baby. To have complete strangers care for my beloved best friend in such a fashion is a complete honor. I wish I had the info of who/where his body was taken care of because I would include them in my testimony as well.
Thanks so much VCA...I'll treasure this "Treasure Box" for many years to come.

The Best Care

-Smokey's Mom from Texas City, TX

The Texas City facility has the most fabulous staff. The vets and staff were always kind, respectful and efficient. Smokey loved being kenneled there. He received the best of care. When Smokey died there in my arms, the staff was so affirming with me. Trust these people with your dog's healthcare.

Saved a limb

-Cindy Medford from Dickinson, TX
Pet Name: Pebbles

I had adopted my Pebbles from a shelter after fostering her for several months for a broken paw. They originally wanted to amputate the leg as they said that they saw little to no recovery in the time I had her. I brought her to Dr. Guthrie for a second opinion prior to allowing them to do the surgery. He looked at the Xrays and made some suggestions about waiting a couple more weeks. He took great pains to explain to me why he thought the leg was salvageable without amputation or a great deal of expensive orthopedic surgery. After following his advice, I saw a huge improvement on her mobility. Today you would never know she ever had a broken paw. I am so thankful to Dr Guthrie for saving Pebbles leg and not being so quick to recommend amputation or orthopedic surgery.

Thank you so much!

-Silvia from Dickinson, TX
Pet Name: Misty

Dr. Guthrie has been an awesome jewel in taking care of my female Siamese, Misty. Over a period of time when I was trying to save money to get her dental surgery, he gave me what I believe were reduced prices so I could afford to do it. He gave her antibiotics and pain meds to help her along while I was getting it together. And he even called to ask how she was doing. Now her work is done and she is once again able to eat pain free. She is a happy kitty!