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With VCA Animal Hospitals nationwide, we have the staff and resources to make meaningful contributions to our community shelters partners and the many pets they work hard to adopt into good homes.

VCA has been fortunate to work with many outstanding animal shelter/rescue organizations. Below are several dedicated partners who have been with us for five years or longer.

  • "Our partnership is a win/win/win-for the adopters, pets and hospitals. We have resources that wouldn’t normally be available to our small shelter…and to see that VCA also helps animals in disaster, just reinforces our commitment to our partnership!" - Leigh Grady, Executive Director, Animal Shelter, Inc. Sterling, MA
  • "The SPCA of Texas and the VCA Shelter Program partnership have proven to be a win. VCA’s feedback has helped us modify our practices, resulting in reduced shelter diseases. VCA has also been an active listener and very accommodating to our mission." - James Bias, CAWA, President, SPCA of Texas, Houston, TX
  • "Through the generosity and kindness of VCA, the Houston SPCA is able to provide support and education to adopters, help heal sick and injured animals and give them a second chance at life. Making miracles happen and saving more lives!" - Patricia Mercer, President, Houston SPCA. Houston, TX

We are also a proud sponsor of SAWA

3 Key benefits:

  1. Medical Benefits and Savings
  2. Marketing Power
  3. Local Team Support

Locate a VCA Animal Hospital

With 750 animal hospitals in 41 states, VCA has wide national presence. Our staff of experienced veterinarians-1,800 strong-actively participates in our partner shelters, helping keep pets healthy and happy.

The following states currently do not have VCA hospitals: AR, ID, IA, ME, MS, MT, ND, SD, WY. If you don’t see a hospital near you, please contact us as we are always adding new hospitals.

Partner With Us

All pets deserve special treatment-and so do the organizations that care for them. Join the VCA Shelter Partnership Program and receive exclusive benefits, including medical, marketing and local hospital team support.

Medical Benefits and Savings

To provide peace of mind to pet adopters during and after the pet adoption process, every newly adopted pet (from our shelter partner) seen at a VCA hospital within five days after adoption gets a free initial exam and automatically qualifies for a 10-day Healthcare Plan that covers many common conditions. In addition, new pet adopters are educated by our medical experts and hospital team members on how best to keep their pet healthy and happy for the long term.

Other valuable medical benefits and savings include:

  • Shelter partner pets (pre-adoption) brought to VCA for treatment before adoption receive healthcare at a discounted partner rate.
VCA Healthy Start Certificate
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Marketing Power

Leverage VCA’s marketing expertise in print, online, and social media to drive more awareness to your organization and efforts.

Together with VCA, your shelter receives:

  • Print Yellow Pages Display Advertising
  • Hospital Website Link
  • Free Marketing Materials
    • Healthy Start Adoption Kit
    • Display Posters
  • Event/Annual support
VCA Marketing
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Local Team Support

VCA believes in long-term stable partnerships that are founded on loyalty, active listening and collaboration. Local shelters trust VCA because of our truly dedicated personnel.

A VCA Partner Support-Full Team consists of:

  • Field Operation Managers-your direct central link to VCA hospitals
  • Hospital Teams-experts in providing exceptional pet healthcare
  • Regional Medical Director-always available for specialized consultations
  • Office Support-ready with Marketing, Accounting and IT expertise
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