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By Keri Russell-Hughes
Published: April 23, 2009


VCA Sawmill Animal Hospital Core Values
At VCA Sawmill, we strive to follow the golden rule in our interactions with the clients and with each other. This means being courteous and polite, but it also means that we work hard to communicate well, recognizing that each staff member and client is different.
We are privileged to work with pets, which are an integral part of so many families. We keep this special relationship in mind when dealing with pets and their owners, remembering that listening, empathizing, and being patient can help us serve our clients and their pets to the best of our ability. This practice extends to our working relationships, and each staff member makes it a priority to understand the demands of every part of the clinic, a practice that increases productivity and quality.
Passion for Animals
The staff at VCA Sawmill believes that every animal should be treated as if it were one of our own. This means lots of hugs and kisses for the pets that visit us, but it also means that we make every effort to educate owners about the best practices for caring for their pets. We recognize that caring for pets is a great responsibility, and we strive to treat our clients with respect and compassion during the best and worst times of the process. 
In order for our clinic to run successfully, we make every effort to serve our clients and their pets with diligence. Our staff pledges to be on time, prepared, and attentive to the details of their particular position, and every staff member will make service to the client a top priority.
As caregivers to animals, we at VCA Sawmill believe that being responsible, helpful, fair, and honest employees will help us to best serve our patients and their owners. We follow through on our promises, and we treat every client and animal with the same high standard of professional integrity.