VCA Love Field Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Love Field Pet Hospital

-sharon martin from dallas, TX
Pet Name: Nicholas and Freddy

My little four-legged loved ones have been patient's of Dr. Lloyd Fiedler since his beginning in 1972. How long ago was that??? Needless to say, I think he and the rest of the staff is wonderful. I am always confident of any diagnosis or recommendations. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Sharon Martin

Long time very satisfied customer

-Gayle Kesinger from Dallas, TX

All my cats have been treated at Love Field since just a few years after Dr. Fiedler started in practice on Lemmon. He has seen them and me through bad and good times as all animal lovers have had. The staff is wonderful, just like family. I trust him implicitly.

Gifts to Puppies

-Catherine from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Dixie, Ellie and Coco

I want to thank Love Field Pet Hospital for their incredible gift to the 8 GoldenDoodles that went to families that were recovering from severe tragedy! Your generosity really has helped out the new families of these puppies. Thank you for your generosity!