VCA Animal Hospital of Los Gatos Testimonials

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A caring team in hard times

-Sara from Los Gatos, CA

I brought my dog Chloe in to be put to sleep back in early December and the hospital team did a wonderful job making the process so much easier for me. I truly appreciate Dr. Wiese, Courtney, Deborah, Lori and all the other ladies who made that day a beautiful and peaceful time for me. I also appreciated the donation made in Chloe's honor. Someday I will be bringing another dog here to be cared for.

Lucy Belle, Lily, Sassy and Rusty Thank You

-Lisa from Los Gatos, CA
Pet Name: Lucy Belle, Lily, Sassy, Rusty

Drs. & Staff,

Thank you so much for your wonderful service to our family of four dogs over the past decade. Your love of animals and concern for their best interest has been valued immensely by our family. (Your treatment of people folk is not too shabbily either!) A special Thanks to Dr. Stroberg for her knowledge, advice, compassion and always being there in the end.

You are all angels here on earth!


Lisa N.

Pet Image

Eternally Grateful

-Laura L from Los Gatos, CA
Pet Name: Oliver

I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am to everyone at VCA Johnson Animal Hospital. I moved from San Diego to Los Gatos for a job opportunity and brought with me my two sweet cats, Simon & Oliver. Upon my arrival to Los Gatos, I realized Oliver had stopped eating and was turning a bright shade of yellow. Not knowing where to turn, and trusting the VCA name, I rushed Oliver to VCA the first moment they opened for day of my arrival. I was greeted by a kind and empathetic staff and Oliver was immediately seen by Dr. Stroberg who diagnosed him with fatty liver disease, prescribed a force feeding diet, intense medications and SQ fluids. After a month of intense therapy & tender loving care by Dr. Stroberg and Vet Tech Deborah Calantropio, Oliver turned the corner and has made a miraculous recovery which from what I understand is very rare is severe fatty liver disease cases! Dr. Stroberg & Deborah were the first friends I made here in Los Gatos, and I don't know that Oliver would have made it without their knowledge, care and expertise. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Stroberg and all of the staff at VCA Johnson for their compassion, patience, friendship and most of all their love and care for their patients!

Tribute to Spencer

-Maria Cucchiara from Los Gatos, CA
Pet Name: Spencer

I have been going to VCA since 2005. They have seen me through 3 dogs and my occasional stray. They have always been patient, informative and flexible. My most profound experience was when my standard poodle, Spencer was hit and killed by a car in July of 2011. I was beyond devastated. Dr. Weiss was right there with me and allowed my family to stay after hours. The staff was compassionate and warm. Dr. Weiss really helped me during this tragic time. I highly recommend them to everybody with furry children. Thank you so very much! Hugs

Deep gratitude

-Ellen from San Mateo, CA

Dr. Peterson, Dr. Stroberg, and the staff of VCA Johnson: I am deeply grateful to you for your exemplary care of my mother's cat and for your dealings with us. Her cat was feisty, to say the least, but you never complained. When she needed ongoing daily medication that my mother could not deliver in pill form, you helped us work out a way to spread it as ointment on the ear. You were very willing to communicate everything twice, once to my mother and once to me; you patiently gave thorough explanations and helped us make decisions. And you were there for us at the end.

Thank you for always taking care of Shorty

-Nathan from Los Gatos, CA
Pet Name: Shorty

I wrote a more expansive review for all of you on Yelp, but just wanted to say thank you for always taking good care of our dog Shorty. We've been taking him to you since 2007 and he has always received great care (hopefully he's been an ideal patient as well!) I wouldn't feel comfortable taking him anywhere else, thank you!

Thank you for Saving Charley

-Stacey Layton from San Jose, CA
Pet Name: Charley

We have taken our love, Charley to VCA for five years, having rescued him at seven years old. We have received extraordinary services, advice, and care for our Golden Retriever. The entire Staff is very professional and tuned into the animals. The Client Services staff are always up, eager to help, loving to the animals and so proficient. The Vet Support group is fantastic, skilled, loving, and special with each animal. The great Vets, we have seen all of them and they are just like that fabulous country Vet that would visit you in your home taking all the time you needed while informing, treating and caring for your beloved animal. They diagnosed Charley’s cancer during a routine dental cleaning five years ago, they are his angels, and they have saved his life with treatment, surgery and recommendations to a specialist. I have had dogs and cats for years and VCA Johnson surpasses any experience I have ever had. I will thank them forever for saving our dear boy. Thank you all.

Caring staff

-Pat from Los Gatos, CA
Pet Name: BP

One morning I noticed my cat BP was lame -- with no obvious signs of trauma. They made room in the schedule immediately to see him and I was very grateful. After examining him and knowing his existing heart condition, Dr Stroberg made a diagnosis that explained his sudden distress. The prognosis was not good but she immediately contacted 2 specialists to discuss his condition. They all agreed the most humane action was to but our beloved BP to sleep. The Doctor and Amber were so very caring through the process. They gave me several options and made me feel very comfortable. I could not have asked for more sympathetic and sensitive hard as that morning was they did their very best to be kind caring. I will always be grateful to them.