VCA Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic Testimonials

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Loomis Basin is the best

-Judy from Orangevale, CA
Pet Name: Molly Brown

We are so happy to take our dog to VCA Loomis Basin for preventative care. We have had several Veterinarians care for our pets. All have been excellent. But, our dog, Molly Brown prefers Dr. Jenna Lee. Molly told us that she has a special place in her heart for "Jenna" She said that her care is the best and she does not want to see anyone else. Our neighbor, Bob has a dog name Sadie.. Sadie has the same request.. Dr. Jenna Lee please. Love, Molly Brown and Sadie Markley

Saying Goodbye

-Dan Moberly from Lincoln, CA
Pet Name: "ANNA"

I had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to my cat "Anna" who was with us for 18 years. It's so hard to wake up one morning and look at her, and decide that today I should end your life as peacefully as I can. I called several places near me, but they said that I needed to make an appointment, anything else would be considered an emergency. I contacted VCA Loomis Basin whom we have been to on several occasions, and they said you can bring "Anna" in and we will provide you immediate attention for her. And they did exactly as promised. As soon as I walked up to the counter I was greeted by a very nice lady (sorry) can't remember her name, and she instantly showed me genuine compassion. The entire process was handled with extreme care toward myself and my loving cat "Anna." As a 60 year old man, I have had to experience this many times before. Its not an easy job dealing with the emotions of a pet owner during this time. And I know how difficult it is for your entire staff that has to carry out this task of ending a loving pets journey. Thank you VCA Loomis Basin for the way you treated me, and my loving cat "ANNA"