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By K. Stetler
Published: March 19, 2010

Times are tough. Money is tight, for everyone. The cost for your pet's yearly needs can seem overwhelming right now. So, the folks at VCA have created a Preventive Care Clinic to help you with these costs.

With a paid doctor examination and consultation your pet's yearly vaccines are 50% off! Wow! What a great savings! This program will run through the end of December 2010. VCA Lockwood Ridge holds their Preventive Care Clinic on Wednesdays from 1pm to 5pm.

VCA understands that good preventive care is important and the recent economic conditions have prompted us to create a program to help. Our pets need yearly exams and lab work in order to maintain excellent  health. The Wellness Profiles that we do are important for detecting disease processes that are not easily detected in their early stages. And, fecal exams protect not only our pet's from intestinal parasites, they can be transmitted to us and our family members. So, these much needed tests serve a far greater purpose than most may realize.
The doctors and staff members at VCA Lockwood Ridge are always happy to help.

So, call us any questions or concerns that you may have. The knowledgable people in our hospital are there to help you and care for your pet like they are our own.