VCA Littleton Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Great Service

-Whitney from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Milly

VCA Littleton has such an amazing staff. Everyone is friendly and passionate about their work. Ruth Parkin is knowledgeable and loving toward my Milly.

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Spook's Miracle

-Jennifer Smith from Sheridan, CO
Pet Name: Spook

Our 8 week old kitten "Spook" fell and twisted his leg, and not knowing where to turn, we decided to take him to VCA Littleton. The staff was absolutely incredible. They were genuine, compassionate and calming. They understood how frightened we were and did all they could to reassure us. Dr. Lawson, Spook's surgeon, was/is the best veterinarian I've ever encountered. He took such amazing care of Spook that despite earlier concerns about having to amputate, Dr. Lawson and his team were able to save Spook's entire leg! They even provided a kennel for us to take home, and all the information and assistance we could ask for. I would recommend this animal hospital to anyone and everyone. When you are frightened for the welfare of your beloved pet, you need compassionate support, and VCA Littleton provided that to us in so many ways. Thank you so much!!

Second Mile Plus

-Sue T from Austin, TX
Pet Name: Spook

Dr. Lawson allowed a miracle to occur by taking the time to work with ultimate precision to help save a kitten's leg from amputation yesterday. The staff showed great care to little Spook and his owners. It is uplifting to know compassion is alive and well to the animals entrusted to your care. Bravo. Well done.

Amazing Customer Service

-Vince and Linda Harris from Littleton, CO
Pet Name: Baby Kitty

We first met Dr. Sean Lawson in July, 2011, when we had our 15 year old cat put to sleep at VCA Littleton. Dr. Lawson handled the euthanasia so well; he showed us he understood how we felt about losing our cat Marmalade. He made the experience much less upsetting. He was very professional about the procedure and he took us through all of our options in a concerned and caring manner.

A month ago we adopted a four year old torte from a shelter. We soon found out that this cat would not eat. We brought Baby Kitty into VCA Littleton. She was seen by two of the vets on different occasions, but our phone communication was with Dr. Lawson. We were once again very fortunate to be working with him. He has been very professional and kind regarding both the cat's health and our emotions. In an era when customer service can often be a forgotten and hackneyed phrase, Dr. Lawson has been outstanding. He has taken time from his weekend off to call us to offer his concern that our cat be put on medication immediately ---- leaving his personal cell phone number on which to contact him. This level of customer service and his sense of urgency is almost unheard of today.

We are hopeful and quite optimistic that Baby Kitty is getting better and stronger. We think she will lead a normal life thanks to Dr. Sean Lawson.

Fergie a year later

-Edna Sloan from Littleton, CO
Pet Name: Fergie

Last December, our 11-yr old golden, Fergie, suffered a herniated disc which pretty much left her back legs paralyzed. We were so afraid that it was the end for our rescued girl, but Dr. Lawson knew immediately that there was help for her. He recommended the CRCG (Canine Rehab and Conditioning Group), where Fergie started physical therapy and acupuncture. At her first appointment she could only walk 3 minutes in the water treadmill, and now, it is almost a year later and our little old girl is getting around great. She loves her walks, her mtn cabin, stalking the cat, and playing with her toys. We so appreciate Dr. Lawson for his compassion and his knowledge in getting our Fergie back to her golden loving self for us.

Thank you Dr. Lawson

-Lance Somerville from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Carson

Dr. Sean Lawson has helped my family on numerous occasions with our Dalmatian's challenging health issues. Dr. Lawson has gone above and beyond for us on more than one visit to ensure our dog is in good health. He is hard working and very sincere about his profession. It's easy to see Dr. Sean Lawson's integrity from day one. We wouldn't consider using another Veterinarian so long as he is in Colorado. Dr. Lawson is professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. Lawson for all that you have done for us!

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She's my Baby Cinder

-Danny M. Krieg, Sr. from Littleton, CO
Pet Name: Cinder Krieg

After she's been through so much while trying to resolve her skin allergies, Sean was instrumental in tracking down the cause of the problem. He suggested we try some 'Hypoallegenic' Feline Food, which narrowed the source down to the '*****' Brand of canned food that I had been feeding to Cinder since Day One!

Good Call, Sean.
Cinder is doing much better now,
Thank You.

Danny M. Krieg, Sr.

Incredible care

-Linda Olson from Littleton, CO

The entire team at VCA is incredible. Dr. Lawson and Dr. Parkin have cared for my dogs with compassion, and always taking as much time as needed to explain diagnoses and treatment options. All the techs are extremely caring and knowledgeable.

Wonderful Vet

-Margaret from Littleton, CO
Pet Name: Tucker

I adopted Tucker from Retriever Rescue, and took him to Sean for initial exam (which was free if you use the coupon on the internet). Tucker had a growth in his ear, and Sean removed it right away. Sean and his staff are so compassionate, knowledgeable, and you can tell they genuinely care for the animals. So glad Tucker has a great vet that I can depend on. Another plus, they are open until 7:00 weeknights, greatly appreciate this as I work until 5:00.

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New client

-Bonnie from Parker, CO
Pet Name: Mandi

I absolutely love how clean the hospital was how the receptionist was very caring. My appointment was on time !!!!! Vet was amazing taught me how to do anal glands and talked about a diet plan for my Mandi baby. Very happy with this location!!!