Veterinary Support

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Karen C

    Karen has been part of the VCA family for 8 years. She has always had a great love and passion for animals. Her family is made up of 3 dogs, 6 cats, 2 horses, 4 fish, a wonderful husband and 3 kids. Karen has been married for 23 years. Caring for animals has always come naturally for her and when Karen isn’t caring for our boarding guests you will find her assisting our doctors in the exam room. Her love for animal extends to truly caring about there treatment and well being. When Karen isn’t at work you can find her spending time and riding her horses and planning for the next Halloween. With my love for animal I couldn't imagine doing anything else that would make me even remotely as happy.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Holly S

    Holly Joined the VCA family in June 2008. This has always been the perfect job for her as she has always had a love and passion for animals and there well being. She has fostered several kittens thru-out the years and has had a few foster-fails resulting in them never leaving and becoming a welcomed addition to her family. Her Family consists of a loving husband named Frank, 2 beautiful daughters named Bailee and Olivia, a grumpy Chihuahua Named Bertrum, a crazy hyper Terrier mix names Einstein, a lovable American Bulldog named Wiggles,  4 wonderful kitties Juniper, Punkin, Summer, and Rocket Raccoon, and last but not least a Mud Turtle name Squirt. In her free time you will find her spending time with her family both human and furry either by the pool, at the park or relaxing a home with popcorn and a good movie.   Holly’s love and dedications to animals has always made it hard to imagine doing anything else as a career. She can’t think of a job she would love more then what she has already been doing for the last 7 years because there is no experience like meeting all the people and animals that she does on a daily basis.