VCA Lindley Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Professional and Compassionate Care

-Isabel Noelia Docampo from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Siggy

The VCA Lindley clinic has an excellent staff who are professional and compassionate. My dog Siggy was well cared and well loved by the vets, the technicians and the administrative assistants! And,I was also cared for. It is a true family atmosphere at this clinic. I highly recommend this clinic to both the animals and their human guardians. Thanks Drs. Sharp and Lindley, Eric, Janet, Kathy and Lou. You are terrific.

Dog and Cat Care at its BEST

-Julia Eckardt from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Nikki

I have always appreciated the services by Dr. Lindley and his staff.

Very nice

-Sandi from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Brutus

The clinic was clean, and they saw us pretty quickly (we didn't have an appointment!). Kim, the RVT was so nice and friendly. She is definitely an animal lover, and was so loving and gentle to our furry friend! She will keep us coming back!

Quality Facility in Dallas

-Corey McKinely from Fort Worth, TX
Pet Name: Retriever

Excellent services and compassionate doctors... I switched vets last year and haven't looked back, the staff at VCA Lindley are great and patient.

Thank you,


VCA saved the day

-Emily Stoker from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Freddy

My friend and I found a stray dog on Halloween night. He was very sick and wouldn't stop throwing up. She is a student and I am a freelancer and our budget was tight but we really needed to get Freddy treated. I called 15 different vets all of which were very unhelpful and couldn't give us any real advice. As soon as I called VCA, Eric answered with compassion and got us a voucher for a free first visit. We brought Freddy in, twice, and everyone was genuine and concerned. The staff and doctors at VCA were the best I have ever encountered and I felt very safe and comfortable that they were doing what was best for Freddy. Thank You!!!!

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Thank you for making Sassy better

-Kathy Martin from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Sassy

My Sassy, which is long hair chihuahua got sick from a hotspot caused by scratching excessively. I tried to treat at home but she continued to feel worse through the weekend. I went to Lindley's clinic first thing on Monday morning. I am very emotional about my two chihuahuas and I was so anxious I couldn't even fill out the paperwork entirely. I handed the folder of my dog's history to the attendant and it was pretty jumbled. She painstakingly sorted it out with no complaints. Dr Sharp saw my Sassy right away, checked her out and sent us on our way with the antibiotics she needed. Sassy was still very lethargic yesterday (Monday) but early today (Tuesday) she is wagging her tail, going outside and playing again with her sister, Sissy. I had ordered blood work on Sassy as precaution but I was very impressed that Dr Shard didn't insist on it, it was totally up to me. Dr Sharp didn't try to pressure me into any unnecessary treatment or tests and she was so very kind to my Sassy though Sassy can be a bit unkind with strangers or people putting a thermometer up her behind! Just as the clinic promised Eric just called to let me know that Sassy's blood work came out fine.
I've had some not so great experiences with vet clinics in the area. I'm thrilled to find us a vet close to our home and one that I trust to take care of my precious babies.
Thank you Dr Sharp and to the staff at this wonderful vet clinic. I almost can't wait to see you again!