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To Dr. Krug

-Fenway Allen - Typed from her dad's computer from Columbia, MD
Pet Name: Fenway

Hi Dr. Krug. This is Fenway. Thank you for checking me out and giving me all my vaccinations. At first I was nervous about the 5 needles, but then I remember how brave Daddy is with taking his insulin shots. Speaking of Daddy, I am grateful for all the advice and care you show him regarding how to care for me. You are the best and I look forward to being your patient for a long life. -Fenway Park Allen

Busy parents and a dedicate Vet

-Daisy's Daddy from My Airy, MD
Pet Name: Daisy

I wanted to write a thank you note for Dr Michelle Myers, who worked so hard to help out our oldest dog, Daisy. Daisy has had persistent/reoccurring UTIs for a number of years. Being busy professionals, we had a difficult time following up and keeping track of the multiple medications we had to follow. When we would follow up, we had different family members talk to the various vets. About a year ago, Daisy had a particular bad UTI which led to a very high fever. Dr Meyers was able to see her. Dr Meyers then did something that we thought was quite odd at the time. She scheduled an after hours meeting with call the all the caregivers in the family. During this call she explains what was going on with Daisy, her recovery plan, and specific follow up dates. These instructions were quite complicated given the timing of the mess and specific doses. She spent a great deal of time to make sure each and every caregiver understood what needed to be done. Dr Meyers also followed up with us personally during the treatment. Daisy is currently UTI free and has been for many months. Thank you so much Dr Meyers.

Exceptional Care and Service

-Gordon P from Ellicott City, MD
Pet Name: Guinness

My lab is currently undergoing care for kidney disease. I have been completely amazed at the amount of care and caring that Dr. Myers has shown through this processes. Her followup calls and texts and responsiveness to my concerns and questions go far beyond what I would have expected. In addition to her focus on my dog's health, she has also recognized how difficult this has been on me, which has been comforting to me as well. I would be negligent if I did not also mention the care and kindnesses shown by the rest of the staff, many of whom have offered advice and kind words of support as I struggle with Guinness's illness. VCA Lewis: You are the best!