• Office Manager

    Crystal Heath

    Crystal started with VCA as a receptionist and has since worked her way through each department in the hospital. She enjoys her job because of her love for good customer service, the Animal Advocates program, taking radiographs, learning, and--most of all--her love for helping pets. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

    "[I love being here for the] Patients you get to see grow, relationships you build with clients, cases you get to learn from, and enjoying every minute, meanwhile feeling good that you make a difference."

  • Purchasing/Pharmacy Manager

    Suzanne Strozyk
    School: University of Maryland, B.S. Animal Science

    Suzanne has been with VCA Lewis Animal Hospital since 1982.  She is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable technician and a true patient advocate.  Her special interests include dentistry, behavior and surgery.  She is currently one of the Regional Technical Supervisors and helps other VCA hospitals in our area perform the best level of patient care.  She has two pets of her own; Cindy Lou, a Yorki and Molly, a Chihuahua.

    "I have wanted to make a career of working with animals since I was a little kid. There's a purity and beauty that is unique to each animal and they have fascinated me forever. I can honestly say that all of the best characteristics that we strive for can be observed by watching our pets. They have an honesty, a loyalty, a selflessness, and a sense of humor that people envy. I think it's a privilege to spend my career caring for animals."