Pet of the Month

VCA Lewis' Pet of the Month

Your pet is special to us, and we want you to be able to share how great they are! 

Send us a photo and a small biography of your pet and they will be entered for a chance to win the spotlight! Winners will be displayed each month so everyone can see how wonderful your pet is!

Email submissions to [email protected]

The WINNER for June is:

Roux Vogel!


With a coat that fluffy and a personality that lovable, no one can resist Roux! Along with being a great dog to cuddle with, Roux is also a doggie hero! He is a frequent blood donor for Blue Ridge Blood Bank, and his donations (along with other blood donors) help save the lives of many other pets!

The WINNER for May is:

Fenway Allen!

It's always a pleasure to see our dear Fenway! She even managed to sneak onto her dad's computer and send our Dr. Krug a message:

"Hi Dr. Krug. This is Fenway. Thank you for checking me out and giving me all my vaccinations. At first I was nervous about the 5 needles, but then I remember how brave Daddy is with taking his insulin shots. Speaking of Daddy, I am grateful for all the advice and care you show him regarding how to care for me. You are the best and I look forward to being your patient for a long life."
-Fenway Park Allen

The WINNERS for March AND April are:

Snorkle & RifRaf Matteson!

About Snorkle: Snorkle is a brindled, bed-hog terrier that was adopted from Howard County Animal Control in 2008.  She excels at Rally Obedience and has earned several titles in Cynosport Rally.  In her spare time she entertains her audience with her arsenal of tricks that she has mastered.  Snorkes has a zest for life that is unmatched -- she's taught her owner and many about the stereotypes that exist with dogs and people and now they work hard as a team to debunk all those myths!

About RifRaf (aka Waffles): RifRaf, Snorkle's BFF, was adopted from Howard County Animal Control in 2009.  Rif loves all people and would be content being next to you 24 hours a day -- a true "velcro" dog!  In his spare time, RifRaf is in training to become a therapy dog visiting nursing homes and hospitals, and spending his love to all.

The WINNER for February is:

Grim Brown!


In our hospital, everybody knows Grim! He's a mischevious boy that keeps his people on their toes, but he is definitely their favorite fuzzy guy. :) His mom says she would not be alive today if it weren't for her boy, Grim. This hero is also featured in one of our hospital tour photos, and we always love getting to see him!

The WINNER for January is:

Mylo Wotring!

Mylo's mom describes him as a sweet, stubborn, but loyal member of the family (much like her children, she says). He got his name because jer son said he was his dog ["My"] and he was "Low" to the ground, so he became Mylo. He has a brother named Freddie who they rescued a few years back when they lost his companion, Pepper. They are total opposites but get along well. Mylo also enjoys his walks with his girlfriends, Twiggy and Rosie, on Saturday mornings. The ladies just find him to be so handsome. ;)

The WINNERS of our Holiday Photo Contest are:

Delilah & Molly Grutzmacher!

Their mom took this beautiful photo of them donning their holiday attire.

Honorable Mentions:

Timmy Laboy, "Mommy's Sweet Angel" <3

Mabel Storm, "The Littlest Elf"

Thank you for all of your entries! Your pets are so special to us! :)

The WINNER for December is:

Sixx Quercio!

"My name is Sixx. I am about 3 years old and I was told my mom named me after some drummer from an 80’s metal hair band - whatever makes her happy.
About a year ago I was running down Ritchie Hwy in Glen Burnie. A very nice lady stopped her car, so I jumped right in.
Two days went by, that’s when mom showed up, she took one look at my super model looks and fell instantly in love. I mean, who wouldn’t? Look at this face!
Needless to say, I am so happy and I love being part of the VCA family. I get the best medical care there.
I would like to thank you for chosing me for pet of the month. Hopefully this will launch my modeling career... Look out, Vogue!"


The WINNER for October is:

Rocco Marren!

Really, who could resist that face?
"Woof! I’m Rocco, a 5-year-old American Eskimo Dog �" not really a pumpkin. My new mom (who affectionately calls me ‘punkin’) thought it was funny to have me pose for this picture. I didn’t really like the hat, but loved the treat I got for wearing it! When I’m not posing for the camera, I LOVE squeaky toys, playing Frisbee, going for bike rides (I have my own doggie bike cart!), and cuddling with my new mom and dad, who rescued me in June. I dance on my hind legs to show everyone how happy I am!"

The WINNERS for June are:

Arrietty & Rivan Krug!

Our very own Doctor Krug's furry kids take the cake for this month's Pet of the Month award. Arrietty (left) is named after a character from "The Borrowers," and this spunky 2-year-old sure keeps her 7-year-old brother, Rivan (right) busy as can be. Of course, as their pictures show, they definitely enjoy their snuggling time as well. In fact, these pictures were not posed! Both cats were adopted from BARCS and now spend their days lounging, squishing their cat beds in as many entertaining ways as possible, and watching their mom play World of Warcraft.

The WINNER for May is:

Basil Heuston!

A boy so wonderful, he couldn't be compressed into one picture. :) He's also so clever, he decided to write his bio himself!:
"Hi! I am Basil the millennium puppy, and was born January 27, 2000. I am a very studious dog, and am likely the only bearded collie to have graduated from three universities while living on campus with my sisters and summering with my mom. Nowadays, when I'm not studying, I get my excitement from patrolling my yard, rolling in freshly-cut grass, playing soccer (all positions), and protecting my kitchen from invading cardboard boxes. I love my family, my house, and my car rides, and am a very happy puppy, indeed!"

The WINNER for April is:

Frankie Knight!

Frankie spends most of her day napping and licking her tennis ball. According to her mom, Frankie loves people, especially the employees of VCA Lewis Animal Hospital (and we love her, too!). She also enjoys scavenging for leftovers. No one can deny that Frankie's picture, taken on her 13th birthday, truly captures her fun personality.

The WINNER for February is:

Kaya Lewis!

This gorgeous Pit Bull Terrer is Kaya Lewis, and she just turned 19 years old! According to her family, Kaya has had an eventful life thus far. About 8 years ago, she was urged by a younger pup to leave the safety of their yard more than once. The first escape was just a careless romp around the neighborhood, but the second time, Kaya was found shivering in the woods in subfreezing temperatures, only saved from the cold because a stranger called her house about her whereabouts.
After that, it was decided that Kaya would live her owner’s parents, where she has enjoyed the past eight years following her human mom’s every footstep, playing with her toys, and snuggling under blankets, cloths, and chairs.
Kaya has brought nothing but joy to her family and friends who marvel at her unwavering loyalty and love.

The WINNER for December is:

Ferguson Femiano!

In his youth, Ferguson's mom says he was an excellent mouser and outdoor cat, always enjoying his time in this sun. However, when his owner struggled with an illness, Fergie was right there next to her, giving her all the extra attention and support she needed! He knew when to take a break from his adventurous side and focus more on his momma who needed him.Ferguson was a stray when he entered his now-parents' house, but their estimation is that he is about 22-years-old this year! They are happy for every day they spend with him, and will always be grateful for that November day when he took a break from his outdoor adventures and wandered into their home.

And the WINNER for November is:

Cinnamon & Eddie Sakash!

Eddie (on left) & Cinnamon (on right) are brother and sister. They were born in Florida in 1997 and moved with their Mom to Maryland in 2001, which is the year Dr. Krug became their "special doctor," as Ms. Sakash likes to say. Thanks in part to Dr. Krug's wonderful care, Cinnamon and Eddie are 15 1/2 years old! Their favorite activities include snuggling and hiding under blankets.