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Thank you

-The Cromer Family from San Antonio, TX

Dear Dr. Massey and staff,

We can't thank you enough for how caring and loving you were to our Roosevelt. We especially thank you for taking fast action to save his kidney function. He really looks good and we are hopeful he stays with us for many years to come.

We just couldn't bear his loss at 8 years old. He is the most loving dog we have ever had the priviledge to call our own.

Kind regards,
The Cromer Family

Thank you

-Cheryl Ross from San Antonio, TX

Dear Dr. Massey,

Thank you so very much for your compassionate care and generous heart in the care of my kittens. I am truly grateful.

Thank you also for the prompt and encouraging prognosis of little "Kermitt"! He says "MEOW"!

God bless you and your staff,
Cheryl Ross

Wonderful Staff

-Laurie from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: KC

I brought a very ill collie in to see Dr. Massey and was very impressed by the level of compassion and expertise. KC is doing very well, fully recovered. I now live in the Dallas area and I have yet to find a vet I like as well. I am very picky about the vet who cares for my boy and I have to say, this office goes above and beyond! I highly recommend them.

Pet Image

Dog of the Day

-Marianne Blackstone from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Cheech

Here are some pictures of my proud Dog of the Day! Cheech needed his annual inoculations and was named Dog of the Day and awarded a lovely bag of goodies that he is investigating...he liked his teensy tennis ball but had to protect it from his brother Shep who wanted to eat it! Thanks Leon Springs VCA!! Cheech and Marianne Blackstone

Our Baby Girl

-Tracey and Brandon from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Tinsley

Thanks to Dr. Massey and the rest of the staff at VCA Leon Springs. I had my dog for less than a week and she got extremely sick with several different problems. She kept getting sick after she got better and it was heart breaking to see her in pain. Dr. Massey and staff stood by her side the whole way through and never gave up on Tinsley. They have done an AWESOME job!


-Kathy and Angie from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Emma

Dr. Massey and Heather,
Thanks to you both for your help yesterday in helping us send our beloved Emma across the Rainbow Bridge. She was an extraordinary dog deserving of the extraordinary care that you both provided. It does not get easier with practice, but losing someone so dear as Emma does underscore how we need to cherish every moment with those we love.
Thank you again,
Kathy and Angie

Much Thanks

-Sara and Gustavo from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Gunner

Thank you so much! We appreciate everything you have done for us. I can't thank you and your staff enough. If it wasn't for your help, we wouldn't have out little family member with us today. Gunner is doing awesome, he's running around barking and back to terrorizing our other little one.
Once again, thank you!

Thanks to Dr. Massey

-Mark from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Mia

Dr Massey,
I wanted to thank you for your help with my Beagle Mia last week. I had her for eleven wonderful years and she was like a child for me. My Mia was exhausted and she required your assistance in moving on. Last Thursday was the hardest day of my life. I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and your kindness. I will definitely recommend you to my friends, and I will bring my other pets in soon.
Thank you,

Thanks Dr. Massey

-Stacey from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Boo

Dr Massey,
Thank you for the kindness and compassion you always show to my beloved pets, especially most recently with Boo. You are truly gifted when it comes to providing care to animals and solace and ease to owners.
Blessings and Love,


-Nahla from San Antonio, TX

Dr. Wright, Heather, and the VCA Staff - THANK YOU so much for fixing me! Mom said you saved my life!!! Thanks with all our hearts. Love, Nahla and Mom