San Antonio Pet Diagnostic Imaging

VCA Leon Springs offers several different types of Diagnostic Imaging Techniques.

If your veterinarian discovers a condition during an exam which may require additional information, he or she may recommend that one, or several types of Diagnostic Imaging techniques be used. Here at VCA Leon Springs, we offer two types of Diagnostic Imaging.

  1. Radiology - The term ‘radiology’ refers to the gathering of x-ray images. Here in the hospital, we are equipped with a radiology room which has been specially designed for the shooting and processing of radiographic films. Our doctors are often able to assess the results of the x-rays here in the hospital - although sometimes they are sent to specialists at outside clinics for further evaluation. For more information about the radiology services offered at our hospital, please visit our Radiology page located under the ‘Primary Care’ tab.
  2. Ultrasound - An Ultrasound (also sometimes called a ‘sonogram’) is a non-invasive procedure which uses high frequency sound waves to gather internal views of the body. Although sedation is not typically needed, it is offered for patients who may become anxious during the procedure. Prior to the ultrasound, the hair from around the area to be scanned is shaved in order to allow for adequate and unobstructed views. During the procedure, ultrasound gel is spread across the area to be examined, and the probe is placed against the skin. The probe emits high frequency sound waves, which bounce off the internal structures of the body, and return a two-dimensional, cross-sectional image to the ultrasound monitor for the doctor to asses.

Please give us a call if you have any additional questions about our diagnostic imaging services.