Travis Wright, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, Texas A&M University


          Dr. Travis Wright was born and raised here in San Antonio, and spent his childhood about 10 minutes from our clinic! “Growing up in the Texas Hill Country helped instill in me a deep appreciation for the people who live here, and the beauty of the area.” He says. “That appreciation played a key role in my decision to return and establish my career here after school.” Throughout his childhood and into college, Dr. Wright participated in raising and showing of Quarter Horses. He also competed in a Western equestrian sport known as “Reining”…which is often referred to as a ‘Western form of Dressage riding’. By the end of his youth riding career, Dr. Wright had finished as one of the top ten competitors in the world.

           “I originally chose to enter the veterinary field with the goal to become an equine surgeon.” Says Dr. Wright. “I wanted to focus on sports medicine. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and problem solving. Combined with my upbringing in the horse industry, the veterinary field seemed to be the perfect way for me to combine all of these passions.” After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science and his DVM from Texas A&M University however, Dr. Wright ended up taking a position in small animal veterinary medicine. “To my surprise, I found a great deal more enjoyment working in small animal health than I ever did while working with horses!” he explains. “Working with small animals enabled me to really expand my capabilities…and I am able to utilize a much wider portion of my education instead of just focusing on only equine care.” He also says that his favorite part of working with cats and dogs is getting to experience the unique relationship each pet has with their family.

          When not busy at the hospital, Dr. Wright can usually be found working on various home-projects. He enjoys doing any kind of hands-on work such as welding, carpentry and masonry. “I also enjoy reading suspense and mystery books…my favorite authors are Vince Flynn and Dan Brown. I am an avid fisherman, and my wife and I love to spend our vacations in the Caribbean around the water.”

          At home, Dr. Wright and his wife (who is also a veterinarian) have three pets of their own. Beamer, a 12 year old Golden Retriever is an avid ball-catcher and loves to go on walks. During the day, he loves dragging out every single one of his toys and spreading them all around the house. Jasmine and Ariel, the Wright’s two cats complete the family. Ariel, 8 years old, loves to spend her days snoozing in the custom elevated bed Dr. Wright has built for her (complete with tassels!) while Jasmine, also 8 years old, enjoys basking in the sunshine, watching birds from the window and chasing reflections.