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Published: Jul 13, 2012

All pet owners know how important it is for their dog to get ample exercise. Not only does physical activity keep your canine fit and prevent obesity in dogs, it stimulates the dog mentally and helps you form a deep bond. The exercise you get is an added bonus, and studies have shown that people with dogs exercise more often than those without. There are some particularly great ways to work out with your dog.

While running and walking are always appreciated by canines, taking your dog for a hike is one of the most stimulating forms of exercise, since it usually takes place in a natural environment with plenty to smell, according to

"Dogs live in a world of scent, and the great outdoors has so much for them to explore," Trish McMillan Loehr, professional dog trainer, told the news outlet.

Always bring plenty of water to keep yourself and your dog hydrated, and make sure to check for ticks on dogs when you get home. Your dog should be on flea and tick preventative medication before heading out into the woods.

Swimming is another activity that can be particularly satisfying for dogs, especially in the summer. Because they are unable to sweat the way humans do, a dip in cold water is one of the best ways to cool off. If you are swimming with your dog, the news outlet recommends starting shallow and staying away from the dog's nails - canines tend to try to climb human swimmers like a raft.