VCA Lakewood Animal Hospital Testimonials

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An extension of our family

-Monica zumFelde from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Vegas -our newest addition

I would like to express my thanks to the Lakewood Staff (Dallas, TX) for their many years of great care and service to all my four-legged family (and me too!). They have always (12+ years) been so kind and caring regarding any treatment (annual or emergency) and I have always felt secure in their professional treatment of "my babies".
There have been many times when their compassion and empathy has gotten me and my family through some dark times with some of our pet family members and because EVERY single member there cares. I consider VCA Lakewood an extension of my family. I have been a client for many years and I can say that it is a very special place of business that has had the tenure in their staff which has built great long-term relationships with their clients, me being one of them!
I am speaking from personal experience, the staff at VCA Lakewood works seamlessly together to make both you and your pet feel special. And I know, when it "looks" easy, it is not. You have to work hard as a team to make it "be" easy. Thank you to all for your great many years of service and friendship and I will continue to tout VCA Lakewood as my neighborhood's choice for pet care and veterinary service!

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All the Family Dogs

-Carol from Rowlett, TX
Pet Name: Abbie, Corky, and Harley

We can't thank Dr. Dunn and Kristi Hopkins with Lakewood VCA enough for taking care of all of our dogs for the past 13 years.

To start, Kristi spent 5 hours on the phone with me to help deliver our Golden Retriever, Abbie's, 11 puppies. Then we had 4 ear surgeries with our Black Lab, Harley. And there were other procedures along the way. But the hardest of all was the diagnosis of our other Golden, Abbie's son Corky, with bone cancer. On March 20, 2008, I took Corky in with a lump under his front right leg. Dr. Dunn stayed with me as I sat on the floor in disbelief. Corky was only 7 years old. Kristi, with her good heart, was just as upset as we were. The following week, Kristi came out to our house and took phenomenal pictures of all of our dogs for beautiful keepsakes. (See attached) Dr. Dunn and Kristi were incredible for the next 6 weeks as we watched Corky lose his fight for life. Kristi was there for us when we made the arrangements and, on her day off, was there for us to lay Corky to rest. We will forever be grateful for all of the care and love that they gave us during this very difficult time.

Our daughter, Heather, is finishing up college and one of her friends has 2 Golden Retrievers that had a total of 22 puppies! Heather has been sending Kristi and me pictures of her new puppy "Tucker" that will be coming home this weekend. And of course, Lakewood VCA, Kristi and Dr. Dunn will be caring for him as well!

Three Yellow Labs

-Jamie Dotson from Dallas, TX

When my husband and I moved to Texas, my sister recommended Dr. Yzaguirre. He is awesome! In fact the entire staff at VCA Lakewood is amazing! Since we moved, we have added two more lab mixes to the family. All my dogs love going to the vet! They treat them with love and affection and shower them with treats. I cannot say enough about the care I have received from VCA Lakewood. Thank you!!!!!

In Good Hands

-Sarah from Dallas, NM
Pet Name: Lily

I've adopted several shelter dogs in the past few years. These dogs have been my friends, companions, body guards and daily consolation. However, anyone who has adopted a shelter dog knows, they come with baggage. So, as the momma of these dogs, I feel their anxiety when we have to go to the vet. Dr. Izzaguire and all the friendly staff at VCA Lakewood changed all that. My dogs love going to the VCA Lakewood. They know everyone who works there loves animals! Dr. Izzaguire cares for my dogs just like I would expect him to care for them, like the sweet additions to my family that they are. Thank you Dr. Izaguirre and all of you at Lakewood - you are loved!!!

Thank you

-Samantha from Mesquite, TX
Pet Name: Foxxy

I really want to thank Dr. Dunn for his help with my dog Foxxy. She is my first pet on my own and the first free exam really helped me out. She is doing better thanks to him. Also thank you to Sherry for all her help as well.

VCA Rocks

-Mother's helper from Forney, TX

VCA has been taking care of my pets for over 12 years. They have always treated me and my pets like their own. Bridgette is awesome and very caring. She really is a great hospital manager. Randy is the bomb. Always has a smile on his face and is very caring of the pets coming into VCA. Sheila, Angela, Andreia, Rikki the best Techs I have ever seen. Always caring of my pets. Sherry, Jessica, Kristi, And Stephanie you ladies always have a smile on your face and a warm spot for me as a client. And what can I say about Dr. Dunn, Dr. Yzaguirre, and Dr. Gesell All 3 of them have seen my pets through the years and they are the best. Thank you VCA Lakewood. Keep doing what you are doing...........


-J. from Mansfield, TX
Pet Name: Marley

My German Shepherd was treated very poorly at a clinic near where I live in Arlington. I heard about VCA Lakewood from my daughter who takes her pets there. They were so patient with Marley even though she was painful and being very vocal. They let her get comfortable with them and didn't go straight to a muzzle and a wrestling match like her previous vet did. She did so much better with the staff here and I will never go anywhere else. Thank you so much for treating my dog like a patient and not like an animal! She and I are both forever grateful!