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Great Staff, Great Veterinarians

-MamaTuppelo from Saginaw, TX
Pet Name: Gidget Anne, Dixie Bear, and Vienna Sausage

Whenever I call VCA Lakeside, I mention my name and the receptionist knows who I am and asks which baby I am calling about. When I enter I am greeted and recognized so that I don't even have to sign in. Once we are visiting with the veterinarian, the last few times Dr. Collins, he or she is knowledgeable of my pets symptoms and prescribes or administers vaccines as needed. My pets go home happy and if they are ill the meds usually seem to help immediately or within a reasonable time period. I just visited today with one of my girls and upon the first med dosage she seems like she already has more pep to her step. Thanks so much for giving my babies expert care with knowledgeable advice.