VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Great Staff, Great Veterinarians

-MamaTuppelo from Saginaw, TX
Pet Name: Gidget Anne, Dixie Bear, and Vienna Sausage

Whenever I call VCA Lakeside, I mention my name and the receptionist knows who I am and asks which baby I am calling about. When I enter I am greeted and recognized so that I don't even have to sign in. Once we are visiting with the veterinarian, the last few times Dr. Collins, he or she is knowledgeable of my pets symptoms and prescribes or administers vaccines as needed. My pets go home happy and if they are ill the meds usually seem to help immediately or within a reasonable time period. I just visited today with one of my girls and upon the first med dosage she seems like she already has more pep to her step. Thanks so much for giving my babies expert care with knowledgeable advice.

28 Years of Gratefulness

-Renee Green from Weatherford, TX
Pet Name: Gypsy/Dalton/Titan/Suki/KornDawg/Seven/Tooters/Bel

I have been bringing my fur babies to Dr. Sultemeier for 28 years. I see some of the staff more than I see my own family. They have been with me through the tough times and the good times and always take great care of my pets. I never doubt or second guess what they tell me and they are caring and professional. Shannon and Tara and Tammy take good care of us and so do Melody and Michelle at the desk. I can't imagine trusting my babies to anyone else... even the ones I have lost over the years. Currently Dr. Sultemeier and his staff take care of our labs, Gypsy and Dalton, our Chihuahuas, Titan and Suki, my heeler mix, Korn Dawg, and our feline babies, Tooters, Bella, and Seven. I guess if Dr. Sultemeier ever retires from practicing... I will have to retire from adopting.

Great Staff

-Courtney from Fort Worth, TX
Pet Name: Star

Customer service is always wonderful and they will always take the time to see your pet. Love that they see exotics and I feel very comfortable with the care that they give all my pets.


-J. Lomerson from Fort Worth, TX
Pet Name: Black

On a late Friday afternoon, my solid black, very active tomcat showed up at the house favoring his back left hip. Upon further inspection, I was fairly certain we were dealing with a dislocation. Although my local vet was very accommodating with respect to an after hours sedation and attempt at relocation, he was unable to pop it back in and informed me that over time it would probably form a false socket. Discouraged because I knew this was not a good option for any cat, I conducted some research and found out that there are several different ways that a relocation can be attempted. Certain that I had utilized my local vet to the extent of his abilities, I reached out to VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital even though I was aware that my odds were dwindling to a 50/50 chance due to the fact that it had been out of the socket for a week. After emailing Dr. Keith Sultemeier and immediately receiving a personal response I decided to give it a try. They were able to work me in the next day and even worked with my local vet regarding my cat's existing records and x-rays. After dropping off my cat, I received a call about an hour and a half later that they were finished and that the procedure had worked!! Upon the doctors recommendation, I also had him neutered at the same time which has greatly curtailed his tomcatting and possible re-injury. He is much more home bound, but still loves catching lizards, etc. I am grateful to VCA, and Dr. Keith Sultemeier in particular for his skill and excellent bed side manner. He literally saved the day, and quite possibly the life of my solid black, lucky, yellow-eyed tomcat.