VCA Lakes Region Veterinary Hospital Testimonials

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Caring For Shrek And Mobey.

-Marie LaFlower from Laconia, NH
Pet Name: Shrek

I find the whole staff to be very caring and loving their jobs at this Clinic.

When Mobey passed away they were caring and sent a beautiful card to my home.

Shrek is on a very special diet and has lost 13 pounds due to the Dr's direction. Shrek enjoys his trips to the clinic to get on the scale to see his progress.

Pic is of our grand daughter and Shrek who are always together. Shrek thinks she's his Sheep and Adrianna loves hugging and running with Shrek and playing tug of war and ball with him.

Lisa thank you for all your help everytime I go to your Clinic.

Caring for Barkley

-The Brough Family from Laconia, NH

We could not afford to give Barkley the care he needed for his diabetes and the staff gave us the option to surrender him. It was a hard decision to make, but we wanted to give him a second chance. We hope whomever takes him, knows how wonderful he is. Our precious pup will always be loved and Barkley we will never forget you. Thanks to all Sincerely The Broughs

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Thank You

-Bette Lynch from Meredith, NH
Pet Name: Tasha

Thank You--Words cannot express my gratitude to everyone at the VCA Lakes Region Veterinary Hospital. I don't know what I would have done without you all being there to help me at the time of Tasha's passing. As you all know, Tasha wasn't just a dog. She was my best friend and companion. I shall miss her dearly. I knew I would miss her when the time came, but I was unprepared for the feeling I felt upon the loss of Tasha. Thank You for all the help and support you gave me in taking care of Tasha.

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Could not be Happier

-Kevin from Lakes Region, NH

I have to say how refreshing it was to bring my dog Jake in. After dealing with another animal hospital for the last ten years I am kicking myself for not coming here sooner. I was driving 30 mins for horrible service and expensive vet visits. All the staff was friendly and eager to help. I felt like Dr. Manning took the time to meet with my dog and I rather than just do the typical 2 minute check up, collect my payment and push me out the door. Thank you

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-Sharon McGill from Peabody, MA
Pet Name: Mack

Let me start this story by saying that we live in Peabody, Massachusetts so the ride to the VCA Lakes Region is 2 hours one way, but definitely worth the trip and if in the future either of my dogs were to need a medical procedure done I will not hesitate to take them to this hospital. I cannot say enough good things about the care that the staff and Doctors at this hospital give to their patients and owners. My Boxer, Mack, has been at the VCA hospital since October 1, 2015. The date of his initial operation was September 29, since then he has had to undergo bandage changes under sedation, as well as, three additional surgeries to try and repair a wound on his neck. But there is no other place I would want him to be, they have gone over and above any of my expectations. I can just see it in Mack every time I go up to visit him that he is being taken care of and loved in ways that cannot be measured on a scale. The staff takes a special interest in each and everyone of their patients to make sure that they get the best medical attention. When I call to check in EVERYDAY, sometimes TWICE A DAY, they are so helpful, cheerful and knowledgeable about how he is doing. The team of Dr's that have worked on him are easily accessible and willing to talk to me, explain every single procedure and issue that has come up and that they have had to work through with him.

"Flex" and the Bakers say Thank You!

-Christine Baker from Plymouth, NH
Pet Name: Flex

We were vacationing in NC when we received a call from a boarding kennel nearby that our dog was stressed and had to be removed from the facility within the hour.After making frantic phone calls and being sick with worry our friend Beth called VCA Laconia. Cara contacted the staff at VCA Lakes Region (who offers pet boarding) and Lisa the manager at Lakes Region took our dog in to board on an emergency basis. Lisa,Cara and the entire staff went out of their way to help Flex, our 110 lb Rottweiler, calm down and enjoy the next 3 days at VCA. We would highly recommend both locations for the care our beloved Flex received while under the care of the kind, compassionate professionals we are fortunate to have in the the Lakes Region of NH.