Our Service

Davis Dog Training is now offered at VCA Lakes Region Veterinary Hospital! Dr. Tammy Davis has worked closely with Dee Ganley, a well known and highly experienced dog trainer in New Hampshire, in becoming a certified dog trainer for the past four years. She has combined her educational background with her passion for dogs to help people understand, communicate, teach, and coach their dogs for a strong bond and harmonious relationship. Her teaching sessions include positive reinforcement in obedience skills as well as coaching people how to create a structure for their dogs in exercise, management, self-control, focus, and attention. Her philosophy is to sponsor classes that blend effective, humane management techniques with positive reinforcement training methods. She believes that positive reinforcement training is the most effective and humane method of creating happy, eager, and joyful partnerships between animals and humans.
What is Positive Reinforcement? It is a training method based on the science of operant conditioning (which is a set of scientific principles about why animals change their behavior). Behavior is changed when it is reinforced. People will learn the fun, the joy, the challenge and the effectiveness of training their dog by positively reinforcing behaviors they want. She’ll show you how through good management to extinguish behaviors you don't want. You will learn to lead, but not to dominate.
Private consultations are also available.