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Published: Jul 18, 2012

Adopting an adult cat is an exciting time for all members of the family, and it's imperative that owners make the transition from shelter to home smooth and comfortable for the new feline. Veterinary care like cat vaccinations and spaying a cat are usually taken care of by the shelter or rescue league, so your first few days with your new feline companion are all about bonding.

The first way to make a good impression on your new cat is to make the ride home stress-free. Bring a cat carrier with an item of your clothing in it, recommends. This way, he will get used to your scent on the way home. Once home, leave the carrier out in case the cat wants to crawl back inside for security.

You should also "quarantine" your new cat when you first bring him home. Set up one room that will have food, water and litter for the cat, as well as plenty of toys and other items for mental stimulation. Keep your cat in this room for the first few days so it can get acquainted with its new surroundings, the Humane Society of the United States recommends. Over a few days, slowly introduce the cat to other sections of your home, including other pets and family members. The original room will serve as a retreat the cat can go to when he feels scared or overwhelmed.