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Published: May 20, 2011

Maryland Half Marathon had an unexpected runner in last weekend's race. Dozer, a Goldendoodle, was caught up in bustle of people racing by his house, and ran through an invisible fence to join them, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The three-year-old Dozer's house is near the five mile marker. He jumped in with the other people running and seemed so caught up in the excitement that he finished the race. Dozer finished the half marathon in two hours and 14 minutes, the news source reports.

The parent's of Dozer did not know where he was, however. The dog owners were searching frantically for their pup, and he did not find his way home until the following morning.

The canine's health was in question after the long race he participated in. He was taken to his local veterinarian, who said he was fine but was going to be very sore.

According to ESPN, Dozer was given a medal for his participation, and the owner's set up a website that tells the story in order to raise money for cancer.