VCA Lafayette Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Wonderful veterinary care

-Richardson from Lafayette, IN
Pet Name: Sophie

Dr Pflum is the best veterinarian we have ever worked with. Although all the staff at VCA animal hospital is friendly and helpful every time we call of visit, it is his continued concern for our animals that have made us loyal patients. For over 20 years he has been helping us with our various family members. It seems that each time my daughter rescues a new animal or creature, a series of vet visits are sure to follow. She just has a knack for finding those animals that need extra care.
Our oldest cat Sophie, who we rescued from the human society as a kitten, is being treated for asthma. I was not aware cats could have asthma. Sophie has had several attacks that required immediate care and we are going on three years of continuous treatment to find something that works best to control this for a lifetime. She is a difficult cat, biting and slapping. She often needs to be sedated to perform exams and draw blood or take x-rays. Dr Pflum is never impatient with her and always tried to do what is best to create less stress when she comes in for visits. Things are going very well right now, using an inhaler to give her daily treatments.
Dr. Pflum regularly checks on Sophie and helps us make the best decisions for her care while also trying to help us keep treatment affordable. I often hear from him late in the evening when you would expect a veterinarian to be at home with his family. Every one of these phone calls makes me feel really fortunate that we have found a veterinarian that truly cares about our family's well being. This type of care is not new to Sophie, it is the same care we have received with every issues we have ever had, from bladder surgeries, hip dysplasia, behavioral issues and now asthma. The same wonderful care for our dogs and cats for over 20 years.

Great Job

-Susan from Lafayette, IN
Pet Name: Missy, Kitty Kat, Ebony

I have been seeing the folks at VCA Lafayette Veterinary Hospital for over 12 years. The staff, from those taking my call, to the doctors, I haven't got enough words to say how terrific everyone is. Dr. Miller has always taken her time with my pets and explains everything she is doing and is going to do. I couldn't be happier. She has also done a telephone follow-up when the situation has called for it. I don't even get this with my personal physician. Whenever I have had to see some other doctor at VCA Laf. Animal Hosp. the same consideration for my pets and myself is always there. Great place and even greater people. Keep up the great work!!!

First Impression

-Susie from Lafayette, IN

Very satisfied with the hospital as a whole. Everyone was very caring to me and my pet. Doctor was very informed and took the time to answer any and all of my questions. Staff was very informed and professional. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who asks and plan on coming back for many years to come.

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More Than Satisfied

-Beth Jones from Lafayette, IN
Pet Name: Milly

VCA oozes with kindness and care for clients and their pets. I had the most comforting experience when I took my unwell dog in for the first time. They are patient and take the time to answer your questions. You aren't rushed in and out. Our vet called me personally to give us our dog's blood test results rather than having someone else do it. Their prices are reasonable, especially with half off vaccines on Mondays and Tuesdays. I highly recommend VCA Lafayette Animal Hospital.


-Donna Kellams from Paoli, IN
Pet Name: Neeke

When I adopted my first dog Boo from the shelter, I chose VCA Animal Hospital. Dr. Pflum cared for him for 11 years. They helped me find his replacement, Neeke.

Dr. Pflum is the most knowledgeable, patient, caring, gentle, helpful individual you could hope to find. After many tests he would personally call me with the results. On minor tests one of his helpful staff members would call as a followup and to see if I had questions.

After the quality of care received and not waiting for hours to see the doctor, I have commented MDs could learn from veterinarians.

Unfortunately it was necessary to move away from Lafayette and I know I will never be able to replace them.

Above and Beyond

-Heidi from Romney, IN
Pet Name: Julie

We have gone to DR. MILLER since our boxer, Julie, was just a puppy. She has always given the best care and called us personally with pathology results for all her mass cell tumors. She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. Recently, we were able to meet DR. HEDGES and work with her on removing some cancer by amputating Julie's leg. It was quite traumatic for us and she was very caring and compassionate. She went above and beyond to make Julie comfortable and to keep us informed on her progress. Julie is doing so well and we owe it all to Dr. Hedges and Dr. Miller. I highly recommend VCA Lafayette Animal Hospital.

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Dr. Hedges

-Marisa Waddle from West Lafayette, IN
Pet Name: Fluffer

I have a 20 year old cat named Fluffer who has always been very healthy and active. When his behavior started to worry me I made an appointment at VCA Lafayette Animal Hospital. We were fortunate enough to get a WONDERFUL veterinarian, Dr. Hedges. While the news she had for my four legged friend wasn't good, she treated him gently and was just all around amazing. She's was the friendliest and most understanding doctor I have ever met. I would not trust my pets in anyone's hands but theirs. The entire staff was just wonderful.

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Best Veterinarian Ever

-Karen Sollars from Lafayette, IN
Pet Name: The Speagles

When I found Dr. Pflum, there was no other vet willing to listen to what I was saying about what was going on with my dog. He worked with me and was able to find a way to manage my dog's allergies. That was 24 years ago. He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and I would trust my life to him. The staff at VCA are wonderful, too. They have all been such a blessing in our lives!

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Accurate Reviews

-Robin A. from West Lafayette, IN
Pet Name: Rumi, Peanut and Dooba

After searching online through reviews for a caring vet for our new kitten and two older cats, VCA stood out above the rest especially with their offer of free first time exams and a bag of goodies filled with excellent information on pet care. Dr. Forde was excellent and spot on in her analysis of our pet's issues. She was patient with a multitude of questions and concerns and took her time to address all of our needs. The entire staff was professional and welcoming making it easy for us to choose VCA as our permanent pet provider. The coffee and treats in the lobby are just another bonus.