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Published: Jun 18, 2012

Millions of dogs will get to join their owners in the office on national Bring Your Dog to Work Day this June 22. For many other canines, the daily commute and time spent in the workplace is simply part of life, The Associated Press reports. About 1.4 million owners take about 2.3 million dogs to work every day, according to the 2011 American Pet Products Association.

As more owners express interest in bringing pets to work, employers are becoming more welcoming of their employees' four-legged friends, the news outlet reports. In 2006, a survey by the association found that one in five businesses were pet-friendly. Many are even finding that having pets around is good for workers' productivity and wellbeing.

"It's such a great way to create a productive atmosphere," Erin McCormack, who works at a TV production company in Los Angeles, told the news outlet. "It makes the environment more conducive to creativity."

She added that dogs tend to be a "calming force."

"When things get stressful, you can lean down and pet your dog or take a walk and pet a nearby dog," she told the AP. "You get a more efficient workplace, one that's not consumed with stress."

According to the Take Your Dog to Work Day official website, this holiday was established in 1999 as a way to celebrate companion animals and encourage people to adopt them from humane societies and rescue shelters.

If you are planning on bringing your dog to work, it is important that it is well-behaved and will not cause a disruption to you or your co-workers with dog barking or other behaviors. It might be a good idea to practice crate training with your dog, since some employers may require that dogs be confined or leashed in the workplace. Before taking your dog to work you should visit your vet to ensure up-to-date dog vaccinations and pet parasite protection to avoid unnecessary risk to other pets and co-workers.